8-YO Prince Harry Cheekily Reveals Who Inspires Princess Diana In This Adorable Video That Recently Resurfaced

8-YO Prince Harry Cheekily Reveals Who Inspires Princess Diana In This Adorable Video That Recently Resurfaced

Prince Harry is known to share a close bond with his mother. He has been following his mother's footsteps and has been showing the depth of that bond. This video will give you a glimpse of their relationship.

A mother is not just a disciplinarian but she is also a lifelong companion to her children. No matter how annoying her kids may be, she patiently deals with them and supports them whenever they are distressed. Princess Diana was no different.

Princess Diana had a great relationship with her children. Being an extremely loving and caring parent, Diana made sure she was there for her kids. However, the cruel fate did not allow the mother and the son to spend more time with each other. When Harry was just a teenager, he lost the light of his life, his mother. All he was left with was the memories they created together.


A video of one such memory resurfaced on the internet recently. According to the Daily Mail, a segment from the documentary which aired on Channel 4 and NBC in 2017 was shared on a fan page on Instagram.

The documentary showed the princess in an interview with her voice coach Peter Settelen with Prince Harry and William in the background. Though Prince Harry is not seen in the interview, he is heard interrupting his mother and distracting her with his adorable giggles.


When Peter asked Diana if anyone had touched her heart recently. The little prince jumps to shoot his reply before his mother even commented. Prince Harry is heard saying, "Yes - me."

Annoyed by her boy and trying to focus, Diana sternly tells, "Harry, shush." She then tries to continue but the cheeky prince was not ready to stop. Prince William, too, is heard saying, "Yes, Harry shush!"


The princess then continues her conversation with Settelen. However, she says, "I can't even string my words together!" The voice coach is heard joking, "Well it's hard, you've got two of the most impossible people sitting next to us," referring to Prince Harry and William. The Princess laughs at the joke but insists on Harry being seated. She says, "Harry shush, just sit. Just sit!"


 The video shared on social media caught the attention of people all across the internet. While they poured out their love for the princess, they could not stop commenting on Prince Harry. One wrote, "Oh my gosh! This is adorable! 'Me.'" Another wrote, "The one and only Harry." One twitter user said, "So funny! #PrinceHarry would have been about 8 years old at the time since this interview was done in fall 1992. #princessdiana."