Heartbroken "Little Women: LA" Star Christy McGinity Is Mourning Loss of Her Two-Week Old Daughter Violet Eva Carazo

Heartbroken "Little Women: LA" Star Christy McGinity Is Mourning Loss of Her Two-Week Old Daughter Violet Eva Carazo

The reality TV star's baby had been born seven weeks premature and passed away on March 20, the couple revealed.

The hardest thing a parent ever has to do is say goodbye to their child forever. Whether we are a first-time mom or a third or fourth, it doesn't matter. Our precious little ones are the apple of our eyes and there is nothing in life that prepares us for such loss.

Earlier in March 2020, Little Women: LAβ€˜s Christy McGinity shared that she became a mom for the third time when her baby girl Violet Eva Carazo was born seven weeks premature. The 42-year-old has two kids, daughter Autumn, and son Trenton, from her previous marriage with ex-husband Todd Gibel. McGinity and boyfriend, Gonzalo Justo Carazo, had announced in September 2019 that they were expecting a baby. They had expected Violet in April but she came on March 6 at 33 weeks, her representatives confirmed to People.

Violet was 15 inches and weighed 3 lbs., 15 oz when she was born. McGinity revealed on March 23 that she lost her newborn at two-weeks old and was in mourning. She said to the magazine, "It is with our deepest sorrow that we send our baby girl Violet Eva Carazo to play with the angels. We were able to spend two weeks with our sweet baby girl and for that we are forever thankful."


Her premature baby died on March 20 and the couple is heartbroken. The couple added, "Please respect our privacy during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated."


Previously, the mother-of-three had shared a video of her boyfriend signing Violet's birth certificate. He looked overjoyed to become a father for the first time. "Happy One Week Old Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸΌ to our Baby Girl Violet πŸ’œ. Thank U for making me a Dad and bringing me an entire new perspective during your first week of Life πŸŽ€. We love you so much! πŸ‘ΆπŸ» #BabyGirl #1stTimeDad #7WeeksEarly #OverprotectiveDad #Daddysgirl #NICUBaby #Love #OneDayAtATime," Carazo had shared on Instagram.


In the week leading up to her labor, McGinity had posted photos of a night out with her boyfriend and said that she had gone "a rough few weeks." In February 2020, she posted a photo of her belly and revealed that she was experiencing contractions. "She is not ready. Please pray that contractions stop," she wrote.


Meanwhile, her boyfriend was over-the-moon at being a dad had stayed positive and supportive. He shared an image of his baby's ultrasound and said, "Our beautiful baby girl’s ultrasound. Experiencing this entire journey has taught me a lot about Life and has opened up my eyes πŸ‘πŸ‘ on how magical this journey of becoming a first time parent really is πŸ‘£. I can’t wait to meet our baby girl! πŸŽ€πŸ˜ #VioletEva #Baby #1stTimeDad #DadToBe #InLove" 


When they had announced that they were expecting, the reality TV star who has been on the Lifetime show since 2014, said, "I’m so excited that we are having a baby. What a big blessing. Good things come to those who wait." She also posted a photo of her boyfriend kissing her baby bump. "Our bundle of joy is coming April 2020," she had added.


Her fans have shown their support in their difficult time. One person wrote, "You both are amazing. I hope you heal fast Christy." Another said, "Keeping y'all in prayers especially during this crazy messed up world right now!!!" 

Even a couple of weeks ago, McGinity seemed to be praying that she makes it to the 9 months finish line. "Tick Tock here runs the clock. #thirdtrimester #10weekstogo #HopeICanMakeIt," she had captioned one of her photos.


The couple had been looking forward to becoming a family is obvious from their Instagram posts. In one of them, the reality TV star said, "I love how you love me @gonzogrape11. You are going to make the best dada ever. I’m so in love with you. #mylittlefamily"


No cause of death was revealed by the parents, according to FoxNews