Maggie Smith Felt Her Life Was “Pointless” Without Her Husband of 23 Years | She Has No Interest in Finding Someone Else

Maggie Smith Felt Her Life Was “Pointless” Without Her Husband of 23 Years | She Has No Interest in Finding Someone Else

She was with her late husband Beverley Cross untill he passed away in 1998.

Dame Maggie Smith, the legendary English actress, is known for her exceptional roles in Downtown Abbey, Harry Potter, and Sister Act. She has earned appreciation for her acting skills from across the world and from the Late Queen Elizabeth II. Smith's abilities are impressive since they allow her to go from one genre to another. She also performs in theatre along with the big screen. She also has a lovely family and is active in many charity groups, demonstrating her enormous heart. 



Smith was born in Essex, England, on December 28, 1934. When she was barely a teenager, she found employment while attending the Oxford Playhouse to study acting. Smith has now gone on to perform in more than 60 films and 70 plays, winning several accolades along the way. Few people, including the 87-year-old actress, can claim to have won the "Triple Crown" of acting, which consists of an Academy Award, an Emmy, and a Tony. 



Smith has earned recognition in the entertainment industry as well as recognition from the Queen, who made her a Dame in 1990 in celebration of her achievements in the theater and arts. She has previously talked about the pressure she has felt while acting in film and television. She told NPR, "In the theater, you know, you get another chance. You can do it the next night, the next performance. You can probably get it right then. But you don't have any real say in a film. And quite honestly, I probably drive everybody mad and go on and on and on and want to do another take and – because I never feel that it's right. So I always feel huge pressure."




Smith has had two marriages in her personal life. Actors Chris Larkin and Toby Stephens were born during her first marriage to actor Robert Stephens in June 1967. Smith and Stephens, however, got divorced in 1975. Later that year, she wed writer Beverley Cross, and they were together for 23 years till he passed away in 1998. Smith's loss of her second husband was traumatic, and she has since made an effort to honor his memory. 

Smith has spoken openly about the experience of losing her second husband in an interview with CBS. She was asked if she was lonely after she lost Cross, to which she replied, "I don't know. It seems a bit pointless… Going on one's own and not having someone to share it with." She clarified that she has no interest in finding somebody else. 

Smith had her family at her side, which was a blessing. Her two kids, Chris and Toby, both made it as actors. She is also proud to be a grandmother to five children. She was asked if she looks forward to the future, to which she replied, "I guess just to go on."




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