Mother of Man Who Didn't Let Cops Smash Locked Car Windows To Rescue His Son Fearing Expenses Says, "My Son Was Not Negligent"

Mother of Man Who Didn't Let Cops Smash Locked Car Windows To Rescue His Son Fearing Expenses Says, "My Son Was Not Negligent"

His new car was more important than the life of his baby trapped inside.

A 27-year-old father was arrested on Tuesday, October 6, after he stopped his brother and police officers from busting open the window of his car to save his dying daughter. Sidney Deal stopped both his brother and the police claiming that he didn't have the money to repair his car if they smashed the window. His daughter, Sayah Deal, died inside the hot car by the time she was rescued.

Sidney was charged with child abuse neglect, or endangerment resulting in substantial bodily harm of the child who got locked inside the car accidentally. He claimed the air conditioning of the car was switched on so there was no need to damage the car's window.

Now, his mother has come to his defense saying that her son was wrongly charged as he wasn't negligent. Claiming that he cared for his child, Artavia Wilson said, “He asked the officers to help him. My son was not negligent. The way he handled it was not that he cared more about the car. He thought his daughter was in air [conditioning],” reported KLAS. She continued, “He said ‘no, mom she’s good.' The police officers were there; they saw she was good.”


His attorney, Robert Langford while speaking to People said, “I haven’t had an opportunity to meet with him yet. We are very early in the process.” But he refused to make any further comments. He has yet to enter a plea.

According to the Review-Journal, Sidney called the investigators on Monday, October 5, at 3:30 p.m. to the scene. When the officers offered to break the windows, call a tow truck or a locksmith, Sidney, who had left his keys inside the car declined their offer claiming that the little girl would be fine as the A.C was running.

When his brother arrived and offered to break the window, Sidney "stopped him and said he wanted to wait for a tow truck" and "insisted he not damage his new vehicle, stating he had just bought the car and did not have the money to repair a broken window," stated the arrest report.


The outlet also reported that the girlfriend allegedly told the police officers she offered to call a locksmith but Sidney refused because he didn't like the price that was quoted.

The Las Vegas Sun reported that the police believe Sayah had been inside the car in a “high heat environment” for over an hour before an officer broke a window, unfortunately, she died inside the hot car.

Explaining why the officer took time to break the window, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer Larry Hadfield said to the People that the child was breathing but Sidney was adamant about protecting the car. “The officers arrived and they could see the child breathing,” Hadfield said and continued, “The parent was adamant not to break the window. They tried all other means and the officer became concerned and broke the window.”

He added, “It is a tragic event. Police encourage parents and friends to not leave kids unattended in vehicles. This is one of those circumstances that could have been prevented."

Sidney's mother Artavia said, “The cops got out and assisted him with the car, and then when he said the air was on, they said, ‘Oh, OK,' -- a locksmith was coming. My son is a great father … He works. He is a very responsible young man.”


28-year-old Mariah Coleman, the mother of the deceased child, doesn't believe that Sidney cared about their child and is demanding justice. The Review-Journal reported her saying at a vigil for Sayah Tuesday night, October 6, “If you loved and provided for your daughter so much, why did you let her die? He had no remorse in his mugshot." The grieving mom added, "My baby is gone, and I need somebody to do time.”


But if the neighbor Darius Jones, is to be believed, Sidney loved his daughter. “I can genuinely say that since that baby was small, he’s loved on her. I’ve never seen a bad time when he had that little girl in his possession," reported the Review-Journal. He added that it was a tragic accident. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 3.