Man Bans In-Laws From Babysitting His Daughter After What They Did To Her Food

Man Bans In-Laws From Babysitting His Daughter After What They Did To Her Food

While many trust family over babysitters to look after their children, this man might just say the opposite

Some parents find it difficult to trust babysitters which is why they rely on family members instead. One father however has decided not to trust family members either after getting to know what his in-laws did to the food he sent for his daughter.

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The man, a widower, made food for the girl based on his late wife's recipes. His in-laws, who felt he was spoiling his daughter, binned the food, forcing the child to eat what they served. The child, who is a picky eater, refused to eat the food and lived off snacks and water. The father banned his in-laws from ever babysitting his daughter after getting to know what they were doing. He then took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for doing the same. 

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He began by explaining, "She loved her mother's cooking and refused to eat anything that isn't made by her mother. I decided to learn to cook her favorite meals that my wife used to cook and my daughter has been loving 'my version' of her mother's cooking." The man then said that he had recently started a new job and his mother-in-law volunteered to look after his daughter for several days a week. But because of the issues with food, he began preparing meals for his little girl to take with her to her grandparent's house so they wouldn't have to worry about what she would or wouldn't eat. He thought things were going well until his daughter told him that her grandmother had been binning the meals and forcing her to eat other food instead. 

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The girl then told him that since she wasn't keen on eating the dishes that they were serving her, she had only been eating snacks and no proper food for several days. "I was enraged, I confronted my MIL and she said that she didn't find that me sending meals with my daughter was the right thing to do and wanted her granddaughter to eat her cooking and was upset that she refused," the father wrote. He continued, "She said it's my fault her granddaughter doesn't want to eat certain foods and that I was spoiling her rotten with this behaviour. I mentioned to her that the meals she threw away were my wife's recipes and that I struggle so hard to provide those meals. As well as taking time to learn to cook them."

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The man realised that the arrangement was just not working out for them. He wrote, "She stated I wasn't doing good job parenting and needed to get a grip because she's feeling concerned about how spoiled my daughter is being because of me. I eventually told her I won't let her watch my daughter from now on and decided to ask my sister for help." He then shared that his in-laws have told him he is "cruel" for not letting them babysit their grandchild and promised to let the girl eat what she wants in the future.

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The man's post went viral and many users showed their support. "You don’t fix picky eating by letting a child go hungry," one said, while another wrote, "Her mother died, and her dad decided to help his daughter eat by learning his deceased wife's cooking. It's an everlasting connection between them and their lost wife/mother. No way on this blue earth would I let her babysit my daughter again." A third said, "I found as a parent the 'pick your battles' philosophy worked well. My oldest was a super picky eater. Was food a battle worth fighting? No. Kiddo was eating and his doctors said his weights and heights were healthy. Lots of folks around me kept telling me what I needed to do to fix him. He didn’t need 'fixing'. He grew out of it," according to Mirror