Cowardly Man, Who Broke 18MO Baby's Arms By Twisting It Because She Won't Stop Crying, Is Now Behind Bars

Cowardly Man, Who Broke 18MO Baby's Arms By Twisting It Because She Won't Stop Crying, Is Now Behind Bars

The man said that he didn't remember causing any harm to the little girl.

Connor Brown is finally behind bars for hurting an 18-month-old by breaking her arms. The Daily Record reported that the 23-year-old had the baby on his lap when the incident happened.

The baby, whose name cannot be revealed due to legal reasons, started crying when she was on his laps. Even after trying to calm her down, Connor was unsuccessful and got irritated. To stop her from crying, he picked her up and snapped her arms as he tried to force it behind her back, reported Glasglow Live.



The baby's mother revealed that she witnessed the whole ordeal from her living room in Blantyre and heard the arms crack. However, when the injured baby was taken to the Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride, she said that the little girl's injuries were caused due to falling behind the T.V. The suspicion of the staff forced her to blurt out the truth.

The prosecutor Neil Thomson told the court: “From an account given by the mother, it would appear the child was crying and upset that morning. Brown had the child in his lap. The crying continued and this appeared to irritate Brown."

He continued, “He took the infant and pulled her arms behind her back. The mother heard the sound of cracking, and the child became extremely distressed.” Talking about the mother's statement at the hospital, Niel said, “Medical examination established that the child had sustained fractures to both upper arms, in keeping with a twisting action."

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He further added, “Staff suspected the account given by the mother was incorrect and that these were non-accidental injuries. She was challenged about this and then changed her account.” He revealed that initially the little one's arms were wrapped in plaster but she's recovered and that there is “no lasting impairment."

Neil also added that Connor told the officers that he did have the child on his lap "but took some form of fit or seizure and when he recovered he was aware the child was highly distressed.”

Medical examination cleared that the baby's humerus bones had been fractured by the attack that happened in September 2018. Connor pled guilty to severely injuring the child and was sentenced to 21 months in jail by Sheriff Thomas Millar after he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court. The man claimed that he would never injure anybody on purpose, and it must've been caused by him having an epileptic fit but Miller rejected his theory, reported The Mirror. Connor also added that he did not remember assaulting the little one. 

The doctors who treated the 18-month-old told the court that the injuries endured by the baby would've been possible only if her arms were twisted and bent backward with force. It took more than a week for the baby's arms to recover after they were put in plaster. 

"This is a difficult matter due to the young age of the injured party," said, Ian Scott, the lawyer defending Brown. "The gravity of this is not lost on anyone in this room but I'm asking you to consider this is an isolated incident for Mr. Brown." He added, "He is aware that he has injured a child and he is deeply sorry for that. Custody will be uppermost in the court's mind but there are alternatives available."

Sheriff Millar pointing out that the incident was a "serious offense," said, "The child was 18-months-old at the time when you lost your temper with her, bent her arms behind her back, and caused spiral fractures in both arms. This caused extreme distress to the child."


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He added, "Even withstanding your age and limited record, only a custodial sentence must follow for causing an injury such as this to a young child," and concluded by saying, "This is a very serious offense."