Man From Iowa Dies After Family Couldn’t Find Hospital Bed

Man From Iowa Dies After Family Couldn’t Find Hospital Bed

Man dies while waiting for a hospital bed for 15 days. The family blames the unvaccinated COVID patients in the hospital.

Dale Weeks, 78, from Iowa had gotten sepsis in November and was waiting to get treated before the Christmas holidays, according to The Washington Post. But due to the current surge in Covid cases across the country, the man faced a lot of difficulty in finding a hospital bed. His family said that former school superintended could not get a bed in any hospital in Iowa because the health system is overburdened with unvaccinated Covid patients.



Jennifer Owenson, Weeks' daughter, spoke to The Washington Post, "It was terribly frustrating being told, 'There's not a bed yet,'" She adds, "All of us were talking multiple times a day, 'Why can't we get him a bed?' There was this logjam to get him in anywhere." Finally, when Weeks got surgery for his septic condition it was too late. The doctors who performed the surgery told the family that Weeks had the worst sepsis infection they have ever seen which was worsened by the delay in getting proper healthcare. His health had already deteriorated and he took his last breath on November 28, due to post-surgery complications.

He was admitted to a small rural hospital for 15 days before he was transferred to a large medical facility for better treatment, per PEOPLE. His son Anthony Weeks is extremely angry and frustrated over the loss he suffered because people couldn't adhere to the norms of vaccination. He says, "The frustrating thing was not that we wanted him to get care that others weren't getting, but that he didn't get care when he needed it. And when he did get it, it was too late." "The question comes up of: 'Who was in those beds?' If it's people who are unvaccinated with COVID, then that's the part where it really hurts." Anthony adds.




There is a huge anti-vaccination drive in America persuading people to not get the Covid vaccine even though they can clearly see the catastrophe caused by the pandemic. The Weeks family is grieving the loss of their father who could not be saved due to the attitude of the unvaccinated people even when the government is doing everything they can to get people to vaccination centers. Anthony says, "The thing that bothers me the most is people's selfish decision not to get vaccinated and the failure to see how this affects a greater group of people. That's the part that's really difficult to swallow." According to the State public health data, around 82 percent of covid patients admitted in Iowa are unvaccinated, reports Independent. Even though his infection was severe, his family believes that he would have had a better chance at survival if he had gotten proper medical treatment in time.





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