Cheating Man Builds Tunnel To His Mistress' House, Gets Caught Red-Handed By Her Husband

Cheating Man Builds Tunnel To His Mistress' House, Gets Caught Red-Handed By Her Husband

The husband got into a fight with the man who was having an affair with his wife. Police had to be called to defuse the situation.

People can go to any lengths to carry on their clandestine affairs. One married bricklayer from Mexico carried on a secret affair with a married woman by creating an underground tunnel from his place to hers. 

According to the Daily Mail, the man named by the media as Alberto built a secret tunnel to his lover, Pamela's house in the Villas del Prado neighborhood in Tijuana. Using this passageway, they carried on their affair, while Pamela's husband Jorge was away at his security job. The husband was in the dark, until one day when he returned from early, and caught the two of them together.   


When the husband looked for Alberto under the bed, he wasn't to be found. He soon spotted him hiding behind a couch before he vanished. It was then that Jorge discovered a hole near the couch that led into a tunnel underneath his house. The puzzled man went down the hole and realized that it led him to Alberto's house. It is not known how long the tunnel was. 

When he reached the house, Alberto asked him to leave as he did not want his wife to find out about his affair with Pamela as she was sleeping at the time. However, Jorge was furious and refused to listen to Alberto. He told Alberto's wife about the affair. It was then followed by a fight between the two men. 

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Soon, the authorities were involved to calm the situation. They took Alberto away to defuse the fight. Though the incident might sound like one of a kind, you'd be surprised to know that this is not the first time a tunnel has been used as a way for men to reach their mistresses or exes.

According to Metro, 50-year-old Cesar Arnoldo Gomez spent a week digging a tunnel so he could spy on his former partner, Griselda Santillan's house without her knowledge. Though they had broken up after 14 years, the man could not process it. 

Santillan, on the other hand, wondered about the noises that were coming from outside her home. She thought it was from some strays. 

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However, she eventually understood it was her former partner's doing. Speaking to EI Universal, the woman said, "I asked a neighbor to look inside and they said there was nothing there, but then I noticed some shoes, tools, and water. I shouted at him to get out, but he did not do anything."

The man who continued to dig the tunnel got stuck in it for about 24 hours. The authorities struggled to get Gomez out of the tunnel. Later, the Red Cross along with the fire department had to work together to get the man out. The rescued man was admitted to the hospital and was later served with a restraining order that prohibited him from getting in touch with his ex-partner or continuing on with his tunnel.