Martha Stewart Reportedly Left Her Ex-Husband In the Hotel Room & Spent The Night With Another Man During Their Honeymoon

Martha Stewart Reportedly Left Her Ex-Husband In the Hotel Room & Spent The Night With Another Man During Their Honeymoon

Martha Stewart was married for 26 years but her relationship with Andrew Stewart was filled with issues from the very beginning.

Martha Stewart is well-known to every American household. However, not everyone is aware of her tumultuous relationship with former husband Andrew Stewart. The couple was married for 26 years and their relationship was nothing but a disaster. Jerry Oppenheimer who wrote her biography called Just Desserts dug deeper into the celebrity's life and found how Martha's ill-treatment of her husband tore their marriage apart.


"She had a hellish marriage of more than a quarter-century during which she treated her husband shabbily. It was a horrific union that ended in a nasty divorce," said the author, according to Daily Mail

The very ambitious Martha married Andrew in 1961. The days that followed were rough and the couple started having problems very early on in the relationship. However, it was not new.

When Andrew first proposed to Martha, she was unhappy. Martha did not like the ring and demanded a bigger one. Andrew who wanted to please her got her what she wanted. But a bigger diamond did not help him with the issues that crept into their relationship. On the day of their wedding, Martha reportedly made Andrew wait in the altar. Anyhow, the couple united and went on their honeymoon to Europe.


While Andrew thought it would be the right time to have some romantic time with his wife, it did not go as planned. The couple stayed at a small inn in Florence, Italy and met a "handsome young Englishman" at the bar. The couple decided to drink with him. At the end of the night, Andrew decided to go bed but Martha said she wanted to stay back.

According to Oppenheimer, "Upset and angry, Andrew went to bed alone while Martha went off with her new friend. Long after midnight, she returned, claiming they had gone to midnight mass at the cathedral."  The author stated that her husband was confused by his wife's actions and he doubted if she really loved him.


Despite it all, Andrew continued his relationship with Martha. But as days went by, her treatment of Andrew only became worse. She fought with him over trivial things and disrupted the peace between them. 

"Her manner with Andrew became the source of much stress and anxiety and anger. She was constantly accusing him of being 'dumb' or 'stupid'...There were times when there was utter and complete tension and long hostility-filled silences between them that you could cut with a knife," said a source, according to News. Amomama.


Everyone around them including the staff noticed how Andrew was treated and claimed Martha was "always shrieking" at Andrew.

She did not show any empathy even when he was seriously ill. Kathy Tatlock, a filmmaker and a close friend of the couple once accompanied them on a vacation to Bogota. She revealed that Andrew developed "horrendous systemic and local staph infection" during the trip and had "horrible green pustules" on his face.

Instead of being sensitive to her husband's pain, Martha made fun of him and even got angry. She was furious with her husband for ruining their vacation.


Later, Tatlock disclosed that the incident was just "shocking and disturbing" to her. Tatlock even recalled the numerous times she witnessed Martha berating her husband. Things took an ugly turn when she said she slept with another man during one of their arguments. "Andy was floored. But Martha dismissed the tryst as 'a one-time thing...merely an experiment,'" claimed the book. 

Later, Andrew too confessed to having affairs during their marriage. Eventually, with their marriage not showing any signs of improvement, Andrew filed for divorce from Martha.

According to Martha's close circle, she was devastated. Andrew, on the other hand, moved on with a woman who was two decades younger to him. She was Martha's flower arranging and styling consultant.