Mom Loves Eating 200g Of Baby Talcum Powder A Day And Has Spent Over $10,000 On It

Mom Loves Eating 200g Of Baby Talcum Powder A Day And Has Spent Over $10,000 On It

Her strange craving first began when she was drying off her son after a bath.

A mum from England seems to be addicted to a white powder but it's probably not what you're thinking. Lisa Anderson has been eating talcum powder for over 15 years! She has it so often that the longest she's gone without it is 2 days! She scoffs some up every 30 minutes from the back of her hand and has around 200 grams a day. The strange craving began when she was drying off her son after a bath, reports The Daily Mail. The addiction has cost her over $10,000 dollars. Anderson did not disclose her addiction until a little over a year ago. The therapist suggested that she may be suffering from Pica Syndrome.

This condition involves a compulsion to eat non-food items and can include things like sand, dirt, chalk powder, paint, etc. According to Healthline, a deficiency in certain nutrients may be associated with pica in some cases. In others, those with certain mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), may develop pica as a coping mechanism. Pica may go away on its own or may last years. An expert can best help a person with the condition.


As for Anderson, she said, "I do get it's a bit weird — but it just has this nice soapy taste. I can get through a 200g bottle in a day but the bigger ones I get through about one-and-a-half a week. I remember getting really drawn to its smell. Now I can't do without it. I go up and get some every half an hour. I can't really go half an hour without it. The longest I've been without it is two days. That was the worst time of my life. I hated it." Explaining what it is about the substance that is addictive, she said, "It's the chalky texture that I crave. I wake up at least four times in the night as my body just craves it. This has been going on for years now I just can't see a point when it isn't part of my life. Just like someone with an addiction I was just having more and more each time I went to have some." 

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For a decade Anderson kept her addiction a secret until her ex got suspicious of her frequent visits to the bathroom. The mother-of-five said, "Despite doing this for years and years I sat down earlier this year and thought this just cannot be normal. My partner doesn't like me doing it because of the links it has to cancer and the impact it could be having on my health. I went online and did my own bit of research then I decided to go to my GP.  I spent years not knowing what was going on or happening. But it turns out it is a condition. And I just want to let others know they are not alone." If you or someone you know has inhaled or ingested talcum powder it's best to reach out to a professional immediately.