Mom Reunited With 21-Year Old Son 16 years After Separation

Mom Reunited With 21-Year Old Son 16 years After Separation

Faiza Karambu from Meru is reunited with her son, Hajji, 16 years after he was taken away by her mother.

Faiza Karambu had a turbulent upbringing after her mother abandoned her to marry another man. Her life slid drastically after a difficult childhood which led her to leave school and work to fend for herself. She began working as a housekeeper in Majengo Eastleigh, in the year 2000, when she gave birth to her son, Hajji, at the tender age of 15. He gave her a new strength but he was forcefully taken away from her no less than 3 years later. She talks to Tuko, "My mom took the baby and handed him over to his father, cutting all links between the two of us." She was devasted after this incident and struggled to continue with her life.



She spent her days in despair and worried about her little son's well-being. She states that it was impossible to maintain track since cell phones were not widely available at the time. She couldn't make enough money to save for the fare to Nairobi to see her son. In 2015, after almost 12 years away from her son, she took a loan to travel to Nairobi to finally see him. Upon reaching there she learned that the family had moved to a different town. Faiza was devasted and heartbroken upon learning this as all her efforts had gone to vain. "I went back to Meru very disappointed. Every time I thought about my son I’d get stressed because I wondered how he looked like, and whether he was happy," she adds while talking to Toku.

However, her prayers were finally answered when she got a random call in September 2019. The young man on the other end of the line identified himself as Hajji and explained that he had obtained her phone number from an aunt. Faiza couldn't believe her ears that she was hearing the voice of her son after almost 16 years of separation. This phone call was the beginning of a series of conversations and phone calls between the long-separated mother and son.


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This series of events finally led to the reunion of Hajji and his mother. She says recalling this moment, "I sent him fare to come visit me in Utawala, but the weird bit was that there was no excitement when we first met. We just spent time together, had lunch, then he left." This moment gave an excellent chance for Faiza to explain what had occurred and to tell her son that she had abandoned but rather he was forcibly taken away. They are currently trying to communicate and rekindle the relationship that they never got to have as mother and son.



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