Mother-In-Law Convinces Groom That His Bride Has Turned Into A 'Bridezilla'

Mother-In-Law Convinces Groom That His Bride Has Turned Into A 'Bridezilla'

The bride asked for advice and people suggested that she should rethink her decision to marry her fiance after this as "it only gets worse from here"

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law drama truly never ends. The real problem starts when it begins to impact the relationship between the couple as it did in this case. Reddit user Jolly_3772, the bride-to-be and a bespoke wedding dress designer, took to the platform to share how her mother-in-law ended up making her look like a bridezilla for refusing the dress she bought for the couple's newborn. The bride explained that she had already planned something but the mother-in-law was insistent on getting things done her way. 

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The woman began by giving some background, "I'm Getting married in September, it’s been postponed twice already because of Covid. Friction has developed between myself and MIL over wedding plans. SO used to complain about how controlling/ overbearing she is, but has now sided with her. We were getting married last year but had to cancel because of lockdown (we’re from UK). it was a small wedding in Italy. Just 16 guests & having a bigger party when we got home. I didn't want a big wedding so this was my idea of perfection and I thought my fiancés too, he brought up eloping way before I said anything. I wanted to make sure parents & friends were there but he wasn’t fussed about anyone being there."

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She then wrote, "Over a year that version of the wedding was cancelled a 2nd time, MIL moved down the road & I got pregnant. Since MIL moved she’s been hell. I had the baby prematurely in Dec. She is fine but while still in hospital MIL told me all the things I'd done ‘wrong’ during the pregnancy that caused the premature birth. She visits all the time unannounced, I have begged her to at least call ahead and does things with baby I ask her not to but she knows best. Also told us she was glad our wedding had been cancelled as we were making a big mistake, & we were really going to regret it if we didn’t have a ‘proper’ wedding. I tried to laugh about it after with SO saying we’re doing what we want, but he had done a full 180 on what he wanted." 

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She continued, "MIL has completely hijacked planning our September wedding. It's now a lot more your traditional over the top big white wedding. It probably would be the perfect wedding for someone else but it really isn’t what I wanted. The one thing I was adamant on was that I was making my wedding dress and baby’s dress. I used to be a bespoke wedding dress designer, so it’s an area I’m pretty talented in. I’ve already made my own dress & designed baby’s, mocked it up but waiting closer to the time to physically make it so the size is right. It’s been very clear this was the plan so when MIL came to us gushing about the dress she just got baby to wear for wedding, I was livid."

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The mother-in-law was not going to let it go so easily. The bride wrote, "I said take it back, I'm making the dress. She said I should be grateful she’d been proactive when I hadn't, that baby would probably have nothing to wear on the day if it was left to me. She said it cost her a lot of money and won’t be able to return it. I left & fiancé told me she broke down crying and was ‘inconsolable’. After He shouted at me for treating his mum like that and told me how I was turning into a bridezilla. I asked for him to support me on this 1 thing as I was giving up everything else. He said that I haven’t even made the dress so what does it matter if she wears something else. I asked him to tell me the truth on if he even wanted this wedding as it was a hell of a lot of money to just throw at a party we were both going to hate. He couldn't give me a straight answer." She then asked other users if she was truly being a bridezilla. 

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Users were quick to tell her that she wasn't being one and that it was actually her mother-in-law who was proving it to her that she was "straight from hell". Users began to suggest that the bride should rethink her decision to marry her fiance. "NTA. Think about whether you really want to marry a man that is already married to his mother? Seriously though, this is a little sneak peek into your future. You still have time," a user wrote, while another said, "If your fiance can't stand up for you now, he certainly won't after the wedding. If your opinion doesn't matter one bit to him when it comes to YOUR wedding and YOUR child, you're in for a very difficult marriage." A third added, "Seriously. She should just give MIL the wedding and let his mom be the bride since they so clearly only want to be attached to each other."