Selfless Mother Induced Labor Two Weeks Early Just So Her Cancer-Stricken Husband Could See His Child Before His Death

Selfless Mother Induced Labor Two Weeks Early Just So Her Cancer-Stricken Husband Could See His Child Before His Death

Diane could not believe she had to say goodbye to her husband. She knew the only thing she could do to make him happy before his death was to show him his baby girl.

Witnessing their child grow is the biggest joy in the life of most fathers. From listening to their first words to seeing them tie the knot, fathers hope to be a constant presence. However, sometimes fate does not allow these dreams and desires to be fulfilled. Mark Aulger too would have been such an unlucky father if it was not for his wife. Her courage gave him the chance to see his child and hold her close to his chest at least for a while. 

According to Fox News, 52-year-old Mark from Texas was diagnosed with colon cancer in April 2011. His wife Diane was devastated but hoped to see him recover. She stood by him through his surgery and six long months of chemotherapy. Soon, Diane was relieved. The tests no longer showed signs of cancer. Assuming the treatments had worked, the couple went on with their lives and they looked forward to welcoming a baby. However, they were hit with some devastating news after Mark started having trouble breathing in November.

On 3 January, 2012, unable to breathe, the man was admitted to the hospital.


Diane was heartbroken and stayed by him as always. She learned that her husband had developed pulmonary fibrosis due to long eight months of intense chemotherapy.  Though the news was devastating, the Aulgers were hopeful. "He thought he'd be coming home in a few days with an oxygen tank," recalled Diane. But, once again, their hopes were shattered. On 16 January, 2012, doctors informed Diane that Mark's condition was fatal and his days were numbered. Diane could not believe that her husband only had five or six days with her. The pregnant woman tearfully went up to her husband.


He told her that all he wanted was to see his baby. "Mark said, 'I'd like to see the baby,'" said the 31-year-old. Though the baby was due on 29 January 2012, Diane decided to induce labor two weeks early as suggested by her doctor. So, on 18 January, Diane was all set to deliver their child with her husband beside her. "Our beds were side by side," recalled the mother.


Diane gave birth to their daughter, Savannah and the room filled with sorrow and joy. Diane brought the newborn close to her bed-ridden husband. He was filled with pure happiness. He told his beautiful child that he was her father and told her that he loved her. "He held her for 45 minutes. Him and I just cried that whole time," said the mother of three. The next day, he held her again. But that day just for a minute.

Soon, Mark fell into a coma. However, he was aware of his wife and their baby. "If she cried, he would shake his head and moan. I put her on him when he was in the coma a few times and his hand would move toward her," said the strong mother to ABC News.


A few days later on 23 January 2012, he bid farewell to the world with his baby in his arms. "I brought her home the night before he fell into the coma. It was just me and Savannah when he passed away," said the woman. It was heartbreaking but Diane is happy that her husband could witness the birth of their daughter and could spend some time with her. Today, the family lives in a house full of memories that reminds them of the good times they shared with him. "We're living day-to-day as if dad's still here. We know dad is here with us. They talk to dad. Mark was a very funny, funny dad," said Diane to CBS News.