"Nobody Wants You Around," Heartless Mother Tells Autistic & Clinically Depressed Daughter, Moves Her Desk To Basement

"Nobody Wants You Around," Heartless Mother Tells Autistic & Clinically Depressed Daughter, Moves Her Desk To Basement

Reddit users criticized the mother for her highly insensitive remarks.

One mother did not hold back her tongue even when she knew her words could shatter her daughter and leave her feeling worthless. The mother took to Reddit to talk about how she destroyed her daughter's confidence with her words and actions. 

The daughter identified as Victoria stayed with her mother since losing her job during the pandemic. While the mother stated that she loves her daughter dearly, she claimed she was not a fan of her behavior. 

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The daughter clashed with her mother in context to the regulations set at home. She "often argues about house rules, like getting up at a reasonable hour, or helping out whenever her dad and I aren't home... She says she's tired of being parented when she's an adult, but I remind her that she's living with us rent-free, and if she doesn't like it, she can leave," wrote the mother. 

Further, the mother disclosed that Victoria was on the autism spectrum and was also clinically depressed. She stated that Victoria is "more than capable of pulling her weight around here." She went on to  say that she was never planning to kick her daughter out of her house as she was convinced she wouldn't "make it on the street."

Fortunately, Victoria found a new job. However, the relationship between the mother and daughter went downhill when the mother decided to move her computer desk to the basement. 

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"I put her computer desk in the basement, but, today, she moved it to the living room upstairs without my permission, and scratched the walls in the process," said the mother. She continued, "She apologized for scratching the walls, and said the internet wasn't working in the basement. I had enough of her acting like she can do whatever she wants in MY house that I'M paying for. I told her 'This is why nobody wants you around, Victoria; nobody. You're ugly on the inside. Nobody will want to do anything with you if you keep this up.'"

The harsh and thoughtless words scarred the daughter. She told her mother, "I've always known you'd be better off without me. Thanks for confirming it."

The mother, on the other hand, believes her actions were right. "I stand by calling her out for her bad behavior, but my daughter's been crying all day, and her siblings have told me she's said things like 'I don't belong here.' 'I don't fit it in with my own family.' 'You all would be happier without me,'" said the mother to Redditors. 

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She further asked readers if her way of dealing with her daughter was right or wrong. Many users criticized the mother's rude remarks. 

"What mother in their right mind would say that about their child. She is never going to forget what you've said and you'll be lucky if she ever speaks to you again," wrote one user. Another wrote, "What is it with parents not understanding their children’s’ mental illnesses and disabilities and putting it off as laziness?"