Mom-of-three Who Never Set Foot Inside A Gym Loses 185 Pounds In A Year

Mom-of-three Who Never Set Foot Inside A Gym Loses 185 Pounds In A Year

She can make as many memories with her kids as she wants after deciding to not live the rest of her life with no regrets. “I could have lived the rest of my life being a bystander and now I get to be a participant in my life and my children’s lives."

From being the woman who was too embarrassed to pose for pictures, she has transformed into a woman who feels confident in her own skin and now, posts pictures of her life to motivate others to go "Get It, Girl".

It all began on New Year's Day in 2018 when Maggie Wells had a "bone-chilling" thought cross her mind. Seeing the weighing scale read 300 pounds pushed her to realize that things can no longer go this way. And more than the concern for her own health, it was the thought of wanting to be there for her children that triggered the need to want a change for this mother.

“I wasn’t afraid I was going to die because of my weight, but I was afraid that just if something happened, my kids would have no pictures to remember me,” Maggie told Good Morning America. "My son was 6 at the time and I think we had two pictures together."


The 34-year-old mother of three children took a decision that changed everything for her. "I just woke up on New Year’s Day and that was the first thought that struck me immediately," Maggie recalls. But she wanted to do more than just spend hour after hour in the gym or stay glued to fancy body-building equipment to lose weight.

With determination and the thought of her kids, she brought discipline into her life and lost 185 pounds by just changing her diet. All that Maggie did was remove added sugars from her diet and slashing her intake of daily carbohydrates.

It may seem like a simple switch in the diet, but there's no denying it takes real willpower and self discipline to achieve the results Maggie did. And it didn't take long for her weighing scale to start showing results of her new, healthy diet.