Mom Found Out Her 14-Yr-Old Daughter Died As She Drove Past Accident Scene | "I Was Not There When She Needed Me Most"

Mom Found Out Her 14-Yr-Old Daughter Died As She Drove Past Accident Scene | "I Was Not There When She Needed Me Most"

It was clear to her that something serious had happened, with police everywhere. She felt sad for the people involved, recalled Angela Burke, as she unknowingly passed her daughter's accident site.

A 14-year-old Liverpool girl and an aspiring midwife, Courtney Ellis, lay dead on the street of St. Helens while her older sister, Morgan stood in shock; her killer, 19-year-old Brandon Turton faced the consequence of his road rage; and her mother, Angela Burke, unknowingly passed her accident site on her way back home from work only to later realize that she was going to live through a parent's worst nightmare in Haydock, England. 

Courtney Ellis; 
Image Source: Liverpool Echo/ Merseyside Police
Courtney Ellis; Image Source: Liverpool Echo/ Merseyside Police



In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Burke described the horror she felt the night she passed her daughter's accident site. "Having to see your lifeless child's body broken is indescribable. I was on my way home from work when I approached the scene of the incident. Little did I know my own child was lying on the road. I was not there when she needed me most. After passing the scene, I received a call saying Courtney had been run over. It was only at this point I realized that the scene I had passed was Courtney." After she arrived at the Whiston hospital, she "collapsed in shock" when the doctors told her that her daughter Courtney had passed away. For the longest time, she was in denial and describes it as the worst thing that happened to her family. She strives to gain strength as she thinks of her other three children. Ellis' father described her as a loving, full of life, and compassionate child. He grievingly expressed, "we had no time to say goodbye. She had a kind, caring nature. Courtney never got the chance to live out her dreams - she never even got the chance to finish school."

As reported by St. Helens Star, Ellis was hit by a Renault Megane after 9.45 pm on Blackbrook Road, near to a bus shelter close to the Ship Inn on September 19, 2020. One of the witnesses described that Turton had been driving around the area at the speed of more than 73 mph in road rage to show off in front of a romantic interest who didn't reciprocate back and was competing with one other driver he met that evening. The Liverpool Echo reports, that Courtney was slightly dizzy on alcohol and had just left the park with her sister Morgan and her friend when she was crossing the street and the car came and hit her, instantly causing her to be  "thrown in the airway." Morgan witnessed the horror crash first-hand and has been left "traumatized" by the incident.

Brandon Turton:
Image Source: Liverpool Echo/ Merseyside Police
Brandon Turton: Image Source: Liverpool Echo/ Merseyside Police


Turton admitted causing death by dangerous driving and was jailed for six years and nine months. Birmingham Live, quotes Bruke as she told Turton in the Liverpool Crown Court, "One day you will get out of prison and be able to live your life. I will never forgive you and I will never forget what you did. You thought you were above the law." to which the judge added, "no sentence I can impose on you will reconcile the family of the deceased victim to their loss, nor will it cure their anguish." 

After a year, Ellis' grandfather, David, recalls the horror with the Mirror, describing that he was watching Britain's Got Talent when he got a phone call saying "you better get down here, Courtney's been run over. The police are here and the ambulance is here." He upsettingly expressed "She was 14 years of age, you can't get your head around it. When she died a part of us all died as well."







Cover Image Source: Liverpool Echo | Merseyside Police