Heartless Mother Left Her Newborn To Starve In Her Wardrobe Because She Didn't Have The "Heart To Kill" Her

Heartless Mother Left Her Newborn To Starve In Her Wardrobe Because She Didn't Have The "Heart To Kill" Her

Yulia is charged for torturing her baby. If convicted, she can face upto seven years in prison.

Trigger warning: Contains details of child abuse that may be disturbing to some.

Nobody would imagine a mother to orchestrate the death of her own child. However, certain incidents, like this recent news story about a mother from Russia make us believe in such possibilities.

According to Mirror Online, 37-year-old Yulia did not want the world to know about the birth of her third child, Katya. She hid her inside a duffle sports bag and left the bag in her wardrobe.


The child was born from Yulia's relationship with a married man and therefore, kept a secret. Living in Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast, the woman took every measure required to prevent the people around her from noticing the presence of a baby in her house.

Her apartment did not have anything that could be associated with a baby including clothes and baby food. The scheming and cruel mother thought the baby would eventually die inside the wardrobe without any grounds for suspicion in the minds of the people around her. 

However, there was someone else who knew of Katya's existence. Yulia's 13-year-old son was aware of the baby's presence. Fearing her son would spill out the news, the mother threatened him as well. She also prevented him from feeding the newborn any food or water. But the compassionate teenager fed his baby sister whenever he found a chance. He just wanted to keep his sister alive.


Months went by and Katya was left in the same miserable condition with no one to love and care for her, except her step-brother. The mother, on the other hand, was still hopeful of her third child succumbing to death. However, her plans failed after the bag was found by accident.

It was her son's birthday and they had organized a party at the house. During the party, Yulia's friends heard the muted cries of the six-month-old baby. Their curiosity revealed Yulia's secret to the world.

According to a source, "The mother was having a birthday drink with a friend, who asked why one of the rooms in her flat was always shut."

They continued, "A young woman who was there for the party heard a very weak, muted cry, and asked the mother about it. I think it's just a doll there, it just cries by itself’, the mother answered. One of friends who went for a cigarette in the middle of the party decided to check that room after hearing the cry. She opened the wardrobe, looked in the bag, and found the baby."

Soon, authorities were informed of the news. They found the weak baby who had survived from the scraps of food that her older brother fed her. According to The Sun, "She wanted to kill the baby but in the end didn’t have enough heart for it. She thought that perhaps the baby would die from starvation. She was found by accident," said a source.


The woman was arrested and charged for "torturing" the baby. If convicted, she can face up to seven years in prison. According to Mirror, the authorities will put the woman through a psychiatric analysis.  

The child was transported to the hospital where they found that she had intense malnutrition. "It is hard to believe in this horrendous story. But however difficult it is to say this, it is true," said Valery Gorelykh, a spokesperson for Sverdlovsk regional police, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, those who knew the mother are still astonished by the news. They never thought she could do something as heartless as starving her own child. "People who know Yulia struggle to believe that she did it," said a family friend of the mother.