Staying At Home And Raising Kids Is Harder Than Going To Work, Reveals Survey

Staying At Home And Raising Kids Is Harder Than Going To Work, Reveals Survey

Raising kids can be exhausting. A survey reveals that new parents prefer going to work than deal with diapers and wipes.

Staying at home, taking care of your baby, raising your family can feel just as exhausting, as beautiful.  Because, after a point, if you are stuck at home with a crying baby, surrounded by baby wipes, you could easily feel like your life's stagnating. Continuous care and attention are a must when you have babies and toddlers, and parents are often put under a lot of pressure to provide the best of their time to their little ones. And more often than not, this a responsibility that's shouldered by the wife. Now, a new survey proves what our mothers have been saying for decades - that parents are finding it harder to stay at home with their children than going to work.

The research studied mums across the UK, highlighting the struggles they faced at home while looking after their children.  Most of them agreed that going to the office is a better idea than attending to a child at home. Conducted by AVEENO Baby, the survey reveals that 31 percent of mums who participated found it easier to go back to work than staying at home with the kids, according to the Sun.

Despite the amount of support given to new parents, 55 percent of them believed that babies are hard work, while 20 percent called it difficult. However, a chilled 48 percent described their journey into parenthood as "perfect."

“Becoming a parent is an amazing experience, but we understand that entering this new chapter of life can also bring with it a great deal of stress and worry, so we wanted to discover more about what new parents experience in the first few years, what they wish they had known and how best we can support them,” said AVEENO baby skin expert Rebecca Bennett to CBS PHILLY.

The poll of over 1,500 UK parents revealed a lot of thoughts that went on in the minds of new parents. Parents also talked about how life was not what they expected it to be after being a parent. New parents talked about how difficult it was to get out of their houses and referred to going out as a "military operation". Some of them expressed their struggles to finish a cup of tea or finish their food with a single hand.

Speaking of new realizations after the birth of their child, 28 percent of parents talked about how they were interested in their child’s bodily functions, while 42 percent were surprised by the experience of unconditional love.

Women also thought that having a baby was a great way to become closer to their partners. 

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A report by the by ChildCare Aware stated that parenting is not only expensive but is also very challenging to parents especially in terms of the number of decisions that they have to make regarding the baby. 

Not many are surprised by the results of the survey. Amy Whipple-Myers, a lead instructor at Nest Center City--a facility that offers a place for kids to play and conducts parenting classes, said to CBS PHILLY, "When we look for challenges in parenting there are things we can always find a strategy for, like asking for help when you need it. An hour. An hour that’s for you. An hour to recharge. Because stay at home parents give and give and give. That’s your whole day."

The research hopes to shed light on the problems faced by new parents, their struggles, confusions and challenges. Though most of the parents that took part in the poll believed looking after a child is difficult, 48 percent of new parents still believed starting a family to be a perfect experience. While 71 percent of new parents believed that social media has brought a lot of competition in parenthood, others were open about the constant pressure to be a perfect parent.