"Devastated For Australia," Distraught Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Donate $500,000 To Bushfire Services

"Devastated For Australia," Distraught Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Donate $500,000 To Bushfire Services

"Our family’s support, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires all over Australia," the couple said.

In the midst of the ravaging fires that have caused widespread destruction in Australia, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are saddened to see the devastation in the country that is another home for them.

The famed couple stepped forward and spoke about donating $500,000 to firefighters who are battling hard to control the fires, as reported by news.com.au.

"Our family’s support, thoughts, and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires all over Australia," the couple shared on social media and encouraged others to offer their support to local state fire services.


While speaking to Studio 10's Angela Bishop, she shared that her family is "devastated for Australia."


The ravaging fires began in September and are currently showing no signs of slowing down. Over 1,400 homes have been destroyed so far and around 23 people have lost their lives, as reported by CBS News. For Kidman and Urban, things are frightening because their own home in Australia is under threat.

"Their house is not on fire. It is under threat, so keeping a close eye on it. Nicole and Keith have donated $500K to the Rural Fire Services," Kidman's rep told Today.


When Kidman attended the Gold Meets Golden event that was held prior to the Golden Globes, she was extremely emotional after having just found out about the danger that their house was in. She “looked very tired and sad," an eyewitness told Us Weekly.

An insider also added, "She just found out and got off a plane right before coming here. She was crying walking in."

Talking about how upset she was, an event organizer also shared, "She was crying as she walked into the red carpet."

Despite feeling very emotional, Kidman tried her best to stay composed and interact with people at the event. "She was very poised, taking photos and talking with Joey King and Josh Dallas," the eyewitness went on to say. "She had a whole crowd around her and no one knew what she had just experienced. It was sad to watch but also showed how professional she is to still show up and do what is required of her."

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While on the red carpet, the actress stopped interviews and told reporters at the event, “I’m so sorry. I’m so distracted right now with everything that’s happening in Australia.” After spending 15 minutes at the pre-Golden Globes event, Kidman left.

Numerous other celebrities are also coming forward, offering financial support to the fighters, and urging others to help in any way they can. Numerous people have been evacuated from their homes and firefighters are tirelessly working to get the situation under control.


During a crisis of such a grave nature, even the smallest help can add to making the difference. There are several organizations to which donations can be made to help with the crisis in Australia. According to CNN, these organizations include St. Vincent de Paul Society Australia, Salvation Army Australia, and Australian Red Cross.

As a result of the rampant fires, over half a billion wild animals have also been killed, and this number is likely to increase. To save the wildlife, donations can be made to GoFundMe accounts set up by Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.