Diary Entries Of OJ Simpson's Wife, Nicole, Devasted Her Friend After Her Death|He Regrets Not Saying, "Never Go Back"

Diary Entries Of OJ Simpson's Wife, Nicole, Devasted Her Friend After Her Death|He Regrets Not Saying, "Never Go Back"

Ron Shipp stated that Nicole did not get the justice she deserved. OJ was acquitted of the murder charges.

America has seen many controversial cases that have shaken the country and divided its people. One of them was the murder of Nicole Simpson, the wife of the former football player OJ Simpson. 

Ron Shipp, a close friend of Nicole, opened up about the time when he realized the physical abuse that OJ was inflicting on Nicole through a diary she left behind. When Nicole's sister, Tanya Brown shared the photos of her abuse and read out her detailed entries, Ron could not hold back his tears, according to Fox News.


“I never knew about all the writings that she did and I was actually surprised. When Tanya’s reading them, it was a tearjerker for me and my wife. It’s like reliving the whole thing. I didn’t know they existed, but when you hear Nicole just pouring out her heart and what she’s feeling, it’s horrible," admitted Ron.

He continued, "It’s sad that something couldn’t be done earlier. Towards the end, when Tanya’s reading the part about Nicole saying a prayer - it’s like a rhyme, but it’s a prayer. Man, if this doesn’t eat you up... My wife and I — we were in tears," according to Fox News. 

Nicole's marriage behind closed doors was far from perfect. Her husband allegedly abused her regularly. In her dairy, Nicole wrote about how she was abused on 60 different occasions. In 1992, she left OJ and filed for a divorce. But in 1994, she was murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman at her residence.


Many fingers pointed at her abusive husband and Ron stated he was motivated to testify against him after seeing the pictures of the gruesome crime scene.

“When I saw those [crime scene] pictures, I made my decision right then and there I was going to testify. I felt that it was the only way I could have peace with myself, that I could go on living without nightmare after nightmare. Because at times I did feel like I failed her by not telling her, ‘Nicole, never go back.’ And I never said, ‘Never go back.’ Sometimes I wish I had said that. So by me testifying, sitting there, I felt it was well worth it," said Ron.


However, his testimonies did not make a difference. OJ denied the allegations. Later, he was acquitted of the double homicide charges.

Featuring in Investigation Discovery’s (ID) new documentary, OJ & Nicole: An American Tragedy, the former Los Angeles police officer recalled his disbelief after seeing Nicole after a 911 call. In 1989, Nicole called the emergency services complaining about her husband's physical abuse. So, when she came to meet Ron after the incident, the helpless woman covered up her bruises with heavy make-up. However, Ron was not fooled by it.


Ron met Nicole and OJ when OJ became a part of the USC football team in 1972. Ron developed a good relationship with Nicole and OJ. He had personal conversations with both of them and was their confidante. But Nicole only mentioned about the domestic violence after the 911 call. She came clean and told Ron about the details of her tumultuous marriage. 

“First of all, I was totally in shock. I’m like, ‘This can’t be the OK that I know.’ But I realized when she showed me the pictures and as I’m talking to her, she broke down... she was crying. I’ve never seen Nicole cry. Never. I didn’t know what to do, but I was really shocked. And then she just told me everything. Then I just said, ‘Nicole, we’ve got to get you some help. We’ve got to get you a counselor,'" recalled Ron, according to Fox News. 

However, Ron never imagined his friend to be killed in a heinous murder.

In the documentary, Ron recalled the loyal friend and wonderful mother his friend was. "Nicole was a very fun person and she would say some of the funniest things," said the former player.

Ron admitted that he feels the system failed her and did not get her the justice she deserved. He hopes that the new documentary would shed light on her and the things she had to endure in her brief life. "I do miss her. I really do," said Ron.