Cruel MIL Blames Overworked DIL Of Letting Her Family 'Live in Filth', Threatens To Call Child Services

Cruel MIL Blames Overworked DIL Of Letting Her Family 'Live in Filth', Threatens To Call Child Services

One mother did get parenting wrong and she's not the one getting blamed.

"How much can one person do?" is a good question to ask a certain mother-in-law who can't seem to cut her daughter-in-law some slack despite her having four children to handle without any help. It was initially still manageable for the woman until things took a turn for the worst following the pandemic. The unnamed woman then took to Reddit to share her story and her dilemma after a bitter exchange with her mother-in-law. 

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Before getting to the 'incident,' the woman explains that she is a stay-at-home mom to four children, aged 10,8,2 and 1 respectively. Since the pandemic started, the husband worked from home, the kids had their classes online and the babies were always home. She still didn't see it as a challenge initially, "this normally isn't a problem for me, I have to clean a bit more and help my older ones with school but all in all, not too much has changed for myself," she said. The family, however, got a little too comfortable and saw it as 'grounds to be lazy 24x7'. 

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She did try the 'nice' route by having a talk about it with everyone and discussing chores but that didn't work out the way she expected it to, "everyone agrees with me, then goes right back to normal. The older kids have completely lost their allowance due to this," she writes. With the 'situation' being established, she gets to the 'incident'. After having explained everyone their responsibilities, she decides to not move a muscle if they haven't completed their assigned chores. "I told everyone it's their responsibility to clean. I would still wipe down stuff, wash the dishes, do laundry and mop/vacuum, but it was up to everyone else to put dishes in the sink, clothes in the hamper, and make sure surfaces/floor are picked up enough for me to do my part," she says. 

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Unfortunately, no one actually helped her with it so she left everything the way it was. She even started giving sarcastic or passive-aggressive replies when they complained in a bid to teach them a lesson. "Oh, you don't have anything to eat out of? Guess you should put dishes in the sink"(I do still feed everyone)"oh you tripped over the crap in the floor? Maybe it would help if you picked it up!" she writes. The family slowly begins to get the hint and the women hopes for better days ahead but almost unexpectedly her mother-in-law decides it is the right time to make a surprise visit.

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After looking around the mother-in-law is disgusted and proceeds to lecture the woman about not doing 'her job'. The woman who is already overworked has had enough and gives her a piece of her mind, "I told her I'm doing my job plus HERS by teaching my husband/her son and my kids how to pick up after themselves," she says. It was then that the mother-in-law threw a fit and threatened to call the CPS for allowing her family to 'live in filth'. Hearing this, the woman then asks her to get out of her house. Her dilemma is that after things settled down, despite her husband apologizing, she still feels bad for her reaction. 

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Many readers didn't see why she should feel bad for the way she reacted, "You're a stay at home mom, not a slave. The children (i am including your husband in that) should do the bare minimum of tidying up after themselves. Your MIL is so unbelievably far out of line threatening to call CPS on you and you had every right to kick out," a user wrote while another said, "Threatening CPS for a non-serious issue should be grounds for going no-contact."