14 April, 2021

Woman Claiming To Be Harry Potter Arrested After She Kills A 75YO Federal Judge And Injures A 6YO Kid

Varsha B

Prince Harry To Attend Prince Philips Funeral Without Meghan Markle's Presence

4-YO Boy's Dying Last Words Shattered His Mother's Heart To The Core

Woman Receives $1.2 Million In Her Account, Buys A House, Then Gets Arrested

30-YO Man Who Dismissed Cancer For 'Dental Issue' Dies Hours After His Wedding

Woman Had No Clue She Was Pregnant Until The Baby Fell Into The Toilet Bowl

No One Came To Student's Graduation And Then His Teacher Stepped Up To Change His Life


8 April, 2021

Babysitter Gets Caught On Camera Beating A 5YO To Death For Peeing His Pants

Biological Fathers Will Have To Pay Half The Medical Bills For Pregnancy As New Law Comes Into Force

Woman Got Catfished So Many Times In A Year That She Ended Up Writing A Book On It

YouTuber Cooks Chicken By SLAPPING It 135,000 Times In 8 Hours

Priest Claims That The "Devil" Forced Him To Act After Being Caught Red-Handed On Camera

Dancing With Death : Woman Who 'Died' Thrice Reveals What She Saw Each Time

Helpless Wife Forced To Deliver Baby Alone As Husband Was Busy Cheating On Her!


6 April, 2021

MIL Scandalized On Realizing That Her Daughter In Law Is Actually Her Own Daughter, During The Wedding

Outrage Erupts Over An Absurd Case Where A 7-YO Boy Was Charged With 3rd-Degree Rape In New York

5 Behaviours That Could Cost You Your Relationships

5 Toxic Habits Common Among People Who Always Feel Unhappy

Whataburger Gives $90 Million In Bonuses To Its Employees, Thanking Them For Their Diligent Service

18 YO Teenager Sacrifices His Own Life To Save A 10 YO Kid From A Rain Of Bullets

Japanese Schools Banned From Creepy Practice Of Checking Students’ Underwear Color