28 June, 2022

46 Migrants Found Dead Inside a Truck Near US-Mexico Border | ‘They Were Suffering From Heat Stroke'

Parents Of 4-Month-Old Boy Shot Dead On Father's Day In Dispute Over A Dog

Woman Who Fell in Love and Married a “Ragdoll” Welcomes a Baby | “Married Life With Him Is Wonderful”

A Ukrainian Mother Buried Her 6-Year-Old Hours After He Posed for a Picture With Flowers

Father Accused Of Drowning His Children During Custodial Visit | “If I Can’t Have Them, Neither Can You”

Two-Year-Old Infant Mauled and Mutilated By Pack of Puppies Affected by 'Littermate Syndrome'

45YO Disabled Woman Stranded In Flight For 95 Minutes After Staff Meant To Help Her Didn't Show Up


14 June, 2022

Bullied For Being 'Weird', This 9-Year-Old Girl Has An IQ Higher Than Einstein and Stephen Hawking

A Florida Teen Was Accepted Into All Eight Ivy League Schools: “I Just Decided To Shoot My Shot”

Adopted 6th Grader Who Had Never Had A Birthday Party Of His Own Gets Emotional Surprise On His Special Day

10YO Girl Accused of Fatally Shooting Woman Fighting With her Mom: 'She Shouldn't Have Hit My Momma'

Elderly Man With Alzheimer's Stabs Granddaughter To Death, Says He Doesn't Remember Killing Her

Man Dies After Falling Into 1400C Metal-Melting Container 5 Days Into His New Job: 'A Hard-Working Teddy Bear Of A Man'

First-Time Mum Dies Hours After Giving Birth Due To "Serious Omission Of Care" By Doctors


10 June, 2022

“Baby Holly” Found Alive 40 Years After She Went Missing | Her Parents Were Mysteriously Murdered

10YO Uvalde Victims Who Were Sweethearts To Be Buried Side By Side: "They Really Loved Each Other"

Bar Owner Teaches Homeless Teen Valuable Lesson After He Stole Wallet With Wedding Ring Inside

4YO Girl & 3YO Brother Killed By Drunken Driver: "I Have To Go To The Graveyard To See My Children"

Researchers Successfully Transplanted a 3-D Printed Ear Made up of Human Cells | “Truly Historic Moment”

Mom of Three Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer While Giving Birth | Her Symptoms Were Dismissed as Anxiety

Father of Two Surrenders His AR-15 Gun Following the Uvalde Shooting | “It’s the Only Thing I Can Do”