3 July, 2020

Devastated Parents Left CHILDLESS After Negligent Daycare Worker Gives Sedatives To Put Their 6-Month-Old To Sleep

Varsha B

Man Abandoned Wife & Newborn After Seeing Baby's Face Had Congenital Defect|They Haven't Seen Or Heard From Him Ever Since

Stepmom Refuses To Cook For Stepkids After They Throw Tantrums While Eating Her Food | "I Won’t Cook For His Kids"

2YO Died After Being Trapped In Borehole For 13 Days Leaving Parents Devastated At Losing 2nd Child In 2 Years

Starbucks Barista Receives Over $90,000 in Tips After He Stood Up To A Customer Who Refused To Wear A Mask

Black Woman, Who Adopted White Baby, Was Accused of Kidnapping Own Child|"He Called Police And Said I Stole..The Baby"

Madeleine McCann's Parents Waited 13 Years For Their Missing Kid | They Got A Dreaded Letter Confirming Her Death


21 June, 2020

Pregnant Mom Refuses To Stop Drinking Alcohol Despite Husband's Pleas, Leaving Him No Choice But To Wish For Miscarriage

Varsha B

Bridezilla Wants To Ban Her 6-Month-Old Nephew From Her Perfect Wedding Photographs Because Of His Large Birthmark

93YO Man Who Has Lunch Dates With Late Wife's Photo & Visits Grave At Least 4 Times Every Day Is Proof Romance Still Exists

Widow of Doctor Who Died After Alerting World About Pandemic Gives Birth | "Last Gift You Sent To Me Has Been Born"

23-YO Mom Out On Walk Collapses In Front Of Her Little Boys & Dies Of Massive Heart Attack As They Watch On Helplessly

Selfish Couple Locks Their 16-Week-Old Twin Babies At Home For Four Days Just To Go Out Partying

Police Officer Hugs & Consoles 5-Year-Old Black Girl Who Asks, "Are You Gonna Shoot Us?"


8 June, 2020

Insensitive Mother Asks Son To Get A New Wife With A "Working Reproductive System" After He Asked Her Money For IVF

Varsha B

Pregnant Bride Collapses Minutes Before Wedding | Eager Groom Waiting At The Altar Becomes Heartbroken Single Dad

Choking Over Tears, Mom of George Floyd's Daughter Says "He Will Never Walk Her Down The Aisle..."

George Floyd Who Died After Cop Held Him Down With His Knees Leaves Family Heartbroken And Nation Angry

Wedding Videography Company Mocks Grieving Man After His Fiancée Dies In Car Crash | "We Hope You Cry All Day"

Grief-stricken George Floyd's Family Says Their Final Goodbyes | He "Will FOREVER Breathe In Our Hearts" Says Family

53YO Man Who Gave Free Meals To Cops Shot Dead By Police Amidst Protests | "They Killed Him For No Reason," Cries His Mom