24 November, 2020

Grieving Parents Who Dug A Grave To Bury Their Stillborn Daughter Discover A Newborn Abandoned In A Clay Pot

Varsha B

Family Killer Chris Watts' Mother Forgave Her Son For The Murders & Said Shanann Turned Him Into A Murderer

Heartbroken Sister Tearfully Held Her 12YO Brother's Hand Till His Last Breath | "I Just Didn’t Want Him To Be Alone"

Mom Of 10 Boys, Who Prayed For A Baby Girl, Died 11 Days After She Was Born | "She Was The Most Beautiful Woman"

Police In Wisconsin "Actively Investigating" And Looking For Suspect Who Injured 8 In Milwaukee Mall Shooting

Friends On Road Trip Abandon Their Friend With Mental Disorders At Gas Station In The Middle Of Nowhere & Speed Off

Newborn Baby Buried Alive Was Pulled Out From The Ground In A Rescue Mission | He Miraculously Survived


15 November, 2020

Firefighter Responding To A Rescue Call Ends Up At His Own Home To Find His Sick Wife Dead In Their Bedroom

Staff Writer

Pregnant Woman Tied Up & Burnt Alive In A Car By Baby's Father Reportedly After She Refused To Abort The Child

Brave 11-YO & 7-YO Tried to Fight Dad Off & Save Their Mom's Life as He Allegedly Stabbed Her | "...My dad... made it happen"

Livid Wife Wants Divorce After Husband Uses Mean Nickname For Her Among His Friends|It Will Make Your Blood Boil Too

Teen Who Married Man 70 Years Older Than Her Just For The Money Says, "He Could Die Before Christmas LMAO"

Mom Furious After Ex-Husband Couldn't Tell His Own 1-YO Sons Apart & Dropped Off The Wrong Baby At Her House

Dying Mother Refuses Cancer Treatment Just To Save Her Unborn Child Despite Fearing She Would Not Be Around For Her


11 November, 2020

Family Killer Chris Watts Casually Texted Lover That Family Was "Gone" After Killing Them | "He Lied About Everything"

Varsha B

51-YO Grandma Gives Birth To Own Daughter's Child | "The Sacrifices She Took... Takes My Breath Away," Says Daughter

Fiancee & Mother-In-law Refuse To Allow Groom's 9YO Sister With Cerebral Palsy Be Flower Girl Because It's "Wrong"

2-YO Girl Swallowed Toilet Cleaner & Died Of Cardiac Arrest | The Color Of Her Puke Showed Something Was Wrong

7-Year-Old Sells Hand-Painted Tea Towels To Raise $100,000 For Her Cancer-Stricken Dad's Treatment

Couple Who Wanted Their Only Kid To Have A Sibling Gave Birth To 7 Babies At Once: Here's A Peek Into This Merry Family

37YO Man Beat 17YO Teenage Girl Unconscious After She Refused His Advances During A Family Lunch With Her Grandma And Brother