22 September, 2020

Pregnant Mom Stunned & Heartbroken After Husband Cheated & Blamed Her Pregnancy Body For His Infidelity

Varsha B

Groom Makes His Friends Sign An NDA Before His Bachelor Party & Then Cheats On Bride With Stripper

Lonely Widower Puts Up Poster Asking For A Friend After He Was Left Alone Due To The Passing Of His "Soulmate" Wife

Dad Refuses To Take Care Of Wheelchair-Bound 11YO Daughter While Her Mother Gave Up Everything To Be By Her Side

Distraught Bride Takes Emotional Pictures To Honor Her Late Fiancé In Her Gown | "I...Wanted Him To See Me In My Dress"

9YO Girl Bullied & Uninvited By Peers Because She Is "She’s Not Pretty Enough, Skinny Enough" | She Believes She Is "Too Ugly"

Husband Tells Wife He Hoped She Had Died During Childbirth: "I Wished You Died On That Bed; I Prayed You’d Bleed Out"


11 September, 2020

Couple Married For 48 Years Die Of Coronavirus Four Minutes Apart Holding Hands In ICU | "Hold Your Family Close"

Varsha B

COVID-Positive Teacher Collapses & Dies In front Of Students During Virtual Class Leaving Them Shocked & Traumatized

Father Never Saw His Newborn As He Was Killed In Beirut Blast While Working Hard For His Family | His Baby Won't Know His Face

Firefighter Loses Wife & All His Three Children In House Fire Accident While He Was Away On Duty Saving Lives

Mother of 3 Left With Severe Burns After Her Hands Caught Fire & Hand Sanitizer Bottle Exploded Like A Bomb | She's Now In ICU

Woman Sensed Something Fishy About Partner | She Follows Him Home To Find Him Greeted By Wife & Daughter | "I Felt Traumatized"

Groom Asks For Advice On "Selfish" Bride Who Refuses To Allow His Sister With Special Needs Attend Their Wedding


6 September, 2020

"World's Loneliest Elephant" That Spent 35 Years Chained In A Small Enclosure Is Finally Released Into A New Open Home

Staff Writer

Father Told His Newborn Is "Perfect" Later Finds Out His Wife Had A Stillbirth | "Evelyn Was Never Alive"

Husband Blames His Wife For Being Pregnant With A Girl Because He "Would Prefer A Son Over A Daughter"

Pregnant Bride Who Lost Her Home To Hurrican Laura Scammed By Best Friend Who Planned Their Wedding & Left With All The Money

Woody Allen Fell In Love With 35 Years Younger Adopted Daughter Of His Partner | Claimed He Was Being "Paternal" To Her

Woman Cuts Off From Homeless Sister-In-Law Who Lost Her Baby Saying "I Don't Care About Your Life..That Your Baby Died"

Couple Celebrate Their 6-Decade Relationship With An Adorable Photoshoot In Their Wedding Outfits | See Pictures Inside