19 November, 2019

Oklahoma Walmart Shooting Stopped By Armed Citizen Who Pulled A Gun On The Shooter And Asked Him To Stop

Ankita Mishra

Father Forces Teenage Daughter To Chop Her Hair Off After Ex-Wife Gets Her Highlights For Her Birthday

Groom Leaves Bride And Step-Daughter In Tears As He Turns Away From The Woman He's About To Marry At The Altar

UC Berkeley Instructor Openly Shames Rural Americans For Not Choosing To Live In Cities

21-YO Who Has Vowed To Love His 74-YO Wife Till His Last Breath Reveals How She Stole His Heart

Mom Instinctively Identifies Stranger Who Received Her Late Son's Heart, Hugs Him to Feel Her Son's Heartbeat One More Time

Father Shares 5 Wonderful Things Husbands Can Do For Their Wives After Emotionally And Physically Challenging Childbirth


12 November, 2019

Grandma Who Still Models At 63 Says The Secret To Her Youthful Beauty Is 'In The Kitchen Cabinet', Embracing Her Wrinkles, Grey Hair

Binitha Jacob

Newborn About To Be Taken Off Life Support Opens His Eyes For FIRST Time As His Parents Say Their Final Goodbyes

Insensitive Teens Dress As Homeless People For Halloween, Local Shelter Offers To Show Them What Homelessness Actually Looks Like

Father Explains To 24-YO Daughter WHY She Needs To Lose Weight If She Wants A Boyfriend. Was This Dad Right Or Wrong?

Bride Storms Out Of Her Own Wedding As Groom's Ex-Girlfriend Runs Down The Altar Toward Him In A White Gown

Dog Learns 29 Words Using A Custom Soundboard To "Speak" To Her Owner And It's Amazing To Watch

Mother Wears A White, Lacy Dress To Her OWN Daughter's Wedding, Much To The Bride's Embarrassment


8 November, 2019

Parents Make The Most Of Precious Few Moments With Newborn While Preparing For His Funeral After Heartbreaking News

Varsha B

Woman Loses A Whopping 144 Pounds Because She Didn't Want To Be "An Embarrassment" For Her Husband

Grandpa Goes Furniture Shopping With His Dog To Make Sure The Chair He Picks Is Comfortable for BOTH Of Them

Cancer-Stricken Father Fights For Life Long Enough To See His Newborn For The First And Last Time

Bride With No Job Wants Fiancé To Get Two Jobs So She Can Have A "Dream Wedding" Which Costs An Extravagant $80,000

Mom Went Into Coma After Labor | When Her Newborn Triplets Were Layed On Her, Her Eyes Shed Tears For The Kids She'll Never Meet

Dog Lies Over Grandmother's Grave And Weeps Inconsolably As He Mourns Her Death