24 May, 2019

Insensitive Bride Betrays Maid Of Honor, Who Had A History Of Miscarriages, By Sharing Her Secret

Binitha Jacob

Groom Turns Away From The Bride At The Altar To Exchange Vows With Her Sister

7 Ways This Obese Mom Lost 155lbs, Including Cutting These 4 Foods From Her Diet

Fun Test | How You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals The Hidden Dynamics Of Your Relationship

Heartbroken Father Watches Infant Son Taken Off Life Support Just Weeks After Wife Dies At Childbirth

World's Longest Marriage Between Down Syndrome Couple Ends As Husband Passes Away After Over 25 Years Of Love

Half A Million(!!!) Bees Killed As Bee Hives Were Set On Fire Intentionally


2 May, 2019

Hearing-impaired Man Adopts Deaf Puppy And Teaches Him Sign Language So His Four-legged Pal Doesn't Feel Lonely

Binitha Jacob

Bride Gives Guests A Chance To Wear Their Own Wedding Gowns To Her Wedding Ceremony

This Exhausted Mom's Post On Unreal Expectations Working Moms Face From Society Goes Viral

Parrot Detained For Shouting "Mama, Police" And Alerting Owners About Cops During Drug Raid

Church Pays Off Over $2M Medical Debt On Easter | Burdened Families Receive Debt-Cleared Mail As Gifts

90-YO Couple Return To Same Church To Renew Vows 75 Years After Their Wedding Amidst WW II

Grieving Father Begs For Lost Phone That Contained Photos Of His Late Baby Girl To Be Returned


25 April, 2019

Cat Lovers Are More Intelligent And Smarter Than People Who Prefer Dogs, Claims Survey

Varsha B

Kind 9-YO Girl Makes "Birthday Boxes" For Kids Who Can't Afford To Celebrate Their Own Birthdays

This Therapy Group Allows Men To Cuddle And Overcome Emotional Trauma Together

Mum's Photoshoot Of Her Daughters Sends Strong Message: Why Does She Have To Choose Between Girly And Athletic?

Woman Wears 9 Lbs Of Clothes To Avoid Paying Extra Baggage Fee At Airport Much Like Joey From FRIENDS

Mom Forgot Baby At The Airport | Flight Forced To Turn Back

Bride Refuses To Allow Guests With "Gifts Under $300" | Also, No Facial Hair And Long Hair Allowed