24 January, 2020

Grief-stricken Dad Weeps After Being Unable to Save His 3YO From Caravan Blaze | "My Boy's Dead...I've Killed My Boy"

Varsha B

Woman Quits Job To Train Women On How To Be Wives That Submit And Spoil Their Husband "Like It’s 1959"

Grandpa, 93, Took 3 Buses to Visit Wife’s Grave Every Day & Has Made 1300 Visits To Thank Her For 72 Years Of Marriage

Bride Tells Friend, Who Lost A Baby, Not To Attend The Wedding Because Her Grief Might Take Attention Off Her

Groom's Father Elopes With Bride's Mother Just Weeks Before Wedding Forcing Young Couple To Call Off The Nuptials

Woman Stole From Her Best Friend Of 14 Years, Despite Knowing She Is A Single Mom With Financial Struggles

Brain-Dead Teenager, Whose "Brain Had Turned To Mush," Awakens From Coma | Family Says It Is The "Hand of God"


17 January, 2020

Mom Looks For Nanny With 1 Year Babysitting Experience For 18-YO Daughter, So That She Can Live Without "Stress Of Laundry"

Varsha B

Mother Never Wanted Her Youngest Son, Hated Him For First 18 Months Of His Life & Wished He Would Die In His Sleep

Father Abandons Little Daughter At Dumpyard On Christmas Because He Couldn't Handle Raising A Child

Grand-daughter Stole Nearly $300,000 From Her 97-YO Grandma With Dementia To Fund Her Luxurious Lifestyle

Dying Mom Feared She Would Never See Son Take His First Steps | Now She Is Learning To Walk WITH Him After Losing Own Legs

Grief Stricken Mother Was Forced To Watch Her Second Son Die Of Cancer As Well, After Losing First Son Just A Year Ago

Single Mom Surprised After Kind Uber Passenger Pays Off Her Tuition Fees| His Gesture Allowed Her To Continue College


14 January, 2020

Husband Shocked To Discover The Twins His Wife Gave Birth To Have Two Different Fathers

Varsha B

92-YO Husband Sweetly Serenades Dying Wife Of 73 Years With Love Song That Comforted Her When He Was Away Fighting WWII

Innocent Girl Wearing Firefighter Dad's Helmet Refuses To Leave His Casket After He Died Battling Deadly Australian Fires

Woman Trapped Inside A Clothing Donation Bin Spends Three Days In Freezing Temperatures Crying For Help

Kind Coffee Shop Owner Closes Own Business To Keep Cancer-stricken Competitor's Shop Open, So That He Can Afford Treatment

Life-Threatening Cancer "Bruised & Battered" This Mom, But She Now Values Time She Spends With Son & Not "Being Perfect"

Wife Pawns Engagement Ring That Partner Gave Her, Without Informing And When Asked, Refuses To Say Why