Police Officer Hugs & Consoles 5-Year-Old Black Girl Who Asks, "Are You Gonna Shoot Us?"

Police Officer Hugs & Consoles 5-Year-Old Black Girl Who Asks, "Are You Gonna Shoot Us?"

The video was posted on Twitter by the girl's parents.

The death of George Floyd has caused widespread unrest across the nation. People have taken to streets to voice the injustice and brutality that led to the heinous crime. Moreover, it has given rise to a new revolution to change the world and to make it a better place for everyone irrespective of their color or racial background.

Since the intensifying of protests, the government has deployed the National Guard along with the police to control the protesters. In the midst of this cry for justice, there are some who have branded the protestors as criminals and terrorists.

However, despite it all, a recent incident that occurred during a protest captured the attention of people all across the world. A five-year-old girl's conversation with a police officer was a heartwarming sight that melted the hearts and minds of several people.


According to Evening Standard, a white police officer hugged a little black girl after she tearfully asked him "Are you gonna shoot us?" Simone Bartee, a young girl was out with her dad, Simeon Bartee and mom to protest against police brutality in Houston. The girl then burst into tears immediately but no one knew what had happened.

Noticing the disturbed girl, the considerate officer asked her about it. It was then that Bartee revealed her fears. She asked the officer if he was going to shoot them. The event that followed was unexpected and kind. The officer dressed in full safety gear knelt down to the girl and said the sweetest thing, helping her get over her fears.

He told her, "We're here to protect you okay? We're not here to hurt you at all. You can protest, you can party, you can do whatever you want. Just don't break nothing."


Hearing his reply, the little girl looked calm and relieved. Her parents, who watched the interaction, uploaded it on Twitter with the caption, "During the protest in Houston yesterday one of the police officers noticed my daughter crying. She asked him 'Are you gonna shoot us' he got down on one knee wrapped his arm around her and responded." They were undoubtedly moved by the officer's words and gestures.

According to Fox 6, when Bartee spoke with KTRK about the encounter, he thanked the officer for his kindness and for giving him a glimpse of what good law enforcement can look like. “We have dealt with a lot of pain from that, and it’s kind of gone full circle for me now,” he said. “I just want to tell the officer thank you for giving me a different perspective on what police officers, the good police officers, are like.”

Bartee also said the officer told him he was a father, which surprised Simone, who later mentioned it to her dad.
“She looked up at me and said, ‘I didn’t know police officers had kids,'” he added.


The video had a similar effect on many others that viewed it on social media platforms. They praised the man and some became emotional. "Thank you for capturing & sharing this profound moment. I wonder if the officer didn’t learn more from this exchange than your daughter did," wrote one. Another wrote, "This brought tears to my eyes. No child should ever have to ask that question. Thank you again." "Thank you for posting this. It is something a lot of people never see. Thank you," wrote another one.




However, some sided with the officer and stated that police across the country have been dealing with violence and destruction of public properties. Some people, on the other hand, criticized the child's parents for teaching her to be scared of policemen.