Politician Whose 33-YO Son Raped 12-YO Girl Blames Victim For Having A "Woman's Body"

Politician Whose 33-YO Son Raped 12-YO Girl Blames Victim For Having A "Woman's Body"

Ivan Roca advised parents of young girls to control them and escort them wherever they went.

In a shocking incident from Chile, one girl not only had to go through the trauma of being raped but was also blamed and shamed for the heinous crime. According to The Sun, Ivan Roca, a politician defended his 33-year-old son, Jurgen Roca Aguayo, who was arrested for the rape of a 12-year-old. The politician took to Facebook to suggest that his son's action could not be regarded as his fault as the child had a  "woman's body."


The heartless man further stated that young girls were to be blamed for sons like his ending up in prisons. Roca went on to give a tip to parents of young girls in order to prevent such mishaps.

According to him, parents should "control" their young girls and escort them around. He said it showed parents' irresponsibility if they failed to do so. His comments garnered a lot of criticisms. However, instead of examining his bigoted statements, Roca, who is a member of the Chilean opposition party, the Independent Democratic Union party, went on to say  it was a "shame that it was always the man that paid the price."


Roca's statements outraged the public and many prominent leaders of the country. Many have spoken out against the deplorable statements made by the politician. "He has a public responsibility as an official and his statements are unacceptable," said ex-vice president of UDI, Isabel Pla Jarufe. He added, "He has attempted to make his 33-year old son a victim in a case where he raped a 12-year old girl."

Pressured by the mass disapproval for his comments, Roca made some futile attempts to defend himself. He stated that his words were "taken out of context." Later, he said that he meant parents were supposed to "guide" their young girls as opposed to "control" them. 


However, he did not stop portraying his son as the victim. As per the Daily Mail, he continued his shameless attempts to make his son look nothing close to a predator. He stated, "It's a shame what happened to my son." 

He added that he visited his son in prison. "I just visited him in jail and it was full of young men just like him, detained for being with minors without thinking of the consequences beforehand. This feels very wrong to me regardless of whether the minor appeared older or not."


Roca continued to slur parents and their young girls. He questioned parents for allowing their young girls to meet older men and held them responsible for the child's behavior. He added, "it is only the man who pays the price for the crime as he is the one who goes to prison."


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