7 Real Reasons Why You Still Think About Your Ex Sometimes

7 Real Reasons Why You Still Think About Your Ex Sometimes

There's a side to you that only they could bring out and you wonder if you'll ever see that side ever again without them.

You may have fallen out of love or you may have never stopped loving them. But while you may sometimes feel like a part of you still misses your ex, you will still never forget the anger, sadness, or misery that you felt at the end of your relationship with them.

You might have moved on, you might be in another relationship, or you might be taking your own time. But no matter how long it's been, you still find your mind wandering and thinking about your ex. And here are the real reasons why.

1. Your current relationship lacks the things that matter the most to you

You may be happy now and your current partner might give you a loving relationship. But sometimes, you think too much and feel like something is missing in the relationship. You may miss how your ex would fill your life with great passion or those little things that were special that you only realized after you broke up. While you do want the stability they couldn't give, you miss the spontaneity they brought into your life.


2. You miss the side of you that only they could bring out

Maybe it was because you were slightly younger or maybe it was because it was before you had your heart broken by them. But you miss the person that you used to be with them. There was a part of you that only they could bring out and you miss that dearly; you long for that feeling of being so at ease around them. It was familiar and it was comforting.

3. You see little things that remind you of the good times you shared

A tune on the radio or somebody mentioning their name is enough for your mind to start racing all the way back to the laughter and joy that you shared in the relationship. While you rush to those heartwarming memories at first, you see that buried beneath those memories are the fights and brutal arguments that you both had, reminding you of why a breakup was better for you both.

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4. More than a good partner, your ex was a better friend

They weren't just someone you shared a relationship with or an apartment with. They were right beside you through your best and your worst, and for that, they will always have a special place in your heart even after your relationship ends. Sometimes, you realize that you may find another partner, but you might never find another friend like them. 

5. Your ex set the bar on how you want to be treated by all future parnters

Your ex knew you so well that they knew exactly what to do or what to say at the right time. Before things went wrong in your relationship, your ex treated you in a way that made you feel special. And now, whenever you meet someone new, you can't help but compare them to your ex and unknowingly you have made your ex as the standard for your future partners.

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6. You may have moved on but you still dwell on what went wrong

Although the breakup was extremely hard, you may have made peace with it. But there are still times when you obsess over what went wrong, there may be some things you regret doing or saying in the relationship, or you might feel that rush of pain when you look back at the way your partner, who you were so in love with, could break your heart the way they did.

7. You will fall in love again but you will never forget your past betrayals 

Sometimes, you might carry the wounds of an old relationship into a new one. There might be things about your new partner that remind you of your ex or you might fall in love again but take a long time to trust them because of the way you were treated in the past. In every step of your new relationship, you can't help but remember the good or the bad from your past relationship.

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8. You will never stop wondering if you did the best you could do

There are times when you may wonder "was she the one for me?" or "did I give up on him too fast?". You may think that you were immature back then or there were things that you could have done differently to salvage the relationship. While there may never be answers to the feeling of "if only...", you find peace in knowing that you no longer have to suffer what you did towards the end of the relationship.