7 Ways In Which You Refused To Give Up Despite A Broken Heart | These Made You The Strong Woman You Are Today

7 Ways In Which You Refused To Give Up Despite A Broken Heart | These Made You The Strong Woman You Are Today

Life has dragged you through the worst before. And you know that once you've hit rock bottom and got back on your feet, you can make it through anything.

For as long as you can remember, you may have been called "sensitive" and "emotional". But there's a reason why those words are the biggest compliments you can receive. While people may think that pain makes you weak, it's only made you stronger. Within you is a gentle heart and sensitive soul that pushes you on through life's toughest moments. And even when your heart is broken, you decide to keep moving forward because your inner voice will never let you give up. 

1. You knew that life comes with its good days and bad days

Life won't always go your way; there will be heartbreak, uphill battles, and moments of doubt that shred your self-esteem. But you know that at the end of those moments, you will find joy, happiness, and sweet tomorrows that made it worth braving the storm. You know better than to dwell on the sorrow because some days are good and some days are bad. And you're prepared for both.

2. You didn't give up when things are tough, you fight to make it work

It is because of your sensitivity that you're able to be resilient through the tough times. When Deborah Ward wrote about highly sensitive people for Psychology Today, she said, "We feel strongly about our values and issues we believe in, creating a powerful energy that feeds our resilience. It is this passion that enables highly sensitive people to keep moving forward and take on life’s challenges, despite the risks, the dangers and even their own fears."

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3. You've hit rock bottom before and now you know you can make it through anything

You know what it feels like to be at your worst, believing that you will never be able to make it through. But you showed yourself that you could make it even after hitting rock bottom. It's made you tougher and it's made you more mature. Now, you know how to fight for your needs and stand up for what you believe in. After all, there's barely anything you can't solve with a bit of compromise and a patient ear that will listen. 

4. You never walked away from the people you love

The one thing you believe wholeheartedly is that progress means nothing if you're leaving the people you love behind. You will forget your own problems to be there for your loved ones, because when you love someone, you love them with everything you have. You don't just pack up and leave when things get rough, as they inevitably will sometimes. Even when you might be having a bad day, you want to see everyone around you have a good one and you're ready to soak up their pain for it.

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5. You found reasons to smile even when things got rough

To never take a single day for granted is what you always tell yourself. "Highly sensitive people notice details and have a deep appreciation for beauty, so much so that we see it everywhere, every day, in even the smallest things," wrote Deborah Ward. That's why you're able to remain calm when things get rough, take time to laugh at your mistakes, and not let petty things stop you from moving on. 

6. You will always be kind when others fail to be

You don't waste your energy on brewing hate or holding on to grudges. You find within you the strength to be kind and forgive others when you know that they deserve a second chance. "Although highly sensitive people are sensitive to their own emotional pain, they are also deeply empathic and attuned to the feelings and needs of others," registered Clinical Counselor Jordan Pickell told Bustle.

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7. You're strong because you never let your doubts stop you from carrying on

You are defined by your emotional strength, not because you never have doubts or you never have moments where you ask yourself, "can I really do this?". What makes you strong is moving forward despite moments like that. You remind yourself of how you got back on your feet in the past and you will never let your fears destroy the beautiful chances that are laid out in front of you. 


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