20 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture The Sweet Little Moments In A Long-Term Relationship

20 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture The Sweet Little Moments In A Long-Term Relationship

From turning into couch potatoes together to washing each other's hair, you become completely yourself after years with your significant other.

It's not the big moments and grand gestures that define love. True love between committed couples blooms in the small moments when they're alone because that's the time you are completely yourself. The side of you that nobody else knows comes out only when you're with your partner. You both grow so comfortable with each other that you don't have to pretend or be anything else but yourself.

Amanda Oleander, an artist who's originally from Fort Lauderdale, captures those special moments between couples through her drawings. “I am captivated by the way people behave behind closed doors — things we all do but do not really talk about or share on social media,” Amanda Oleander told Miami Herald. “I think if we tried to photograph those moments, it would change the way we behave, so I draw them."

Take a look at these moments that every long-lasting relationship goes through.

1. There's no such thing as too many hugs 


2. Your gravy-stained sweatpants or the no-makeup face; your partner loves them all


3. When the most exciting thing you do on Sunday is turning into a pair of couch potatoes


4. No matter how many years it's been, they still make you feel all gushy inside like you're melting on the spot


5. Their scent feels like the most familiar, comforting thing in the world.


6. Jumping into the tub with you is one of their favorite things to do 


7. You've lived under the same roof for years but you STILL can't agree on the thermostat.


8. You can stop paying your masseuse because you get unlimited back rubs and foot massages at home


9. So what if you have a facemask on? Can't leave without a kiss.


10. When your 'can't-cook-to-save-life' partner takes the extra effort to make an entire meal just for you


11. You no longer feel the need to fill every minute with conversations or banter 


12. The safest place in the entire world is in their arms


13. It's about "giving your complete all to your partner and letting them into your deepest thoughts, experiences, and self."


14. They help you forget all about the bad day you just had


15. You love the way they make you feel taken care of


16. Couple problems in bed #1: When her hair decides to wrestle with your face


17. Couple problems in bed #2: When one person's feet turn ice-cold 


18. Couple problems in bed #3: When you want some space but can't stop your feet from crawling over to their side


19. "Laying on the couch taking in his smell, heartbeat and presence. Recharging after almost a week apart," wrote Amanda Oleander. 


20. You can't believe how the years have passed with each other but you still can't get enough of them