Richard Gere's First Born Has Got His Charm And Handsome Looks | See Picture Inside

Richard Gere's First Born Has Got His Charm And Handsome Looks | See Picture Inside

Richard Gere has three children. His firstborn lives in New York and keeps a low profile.

Richard Gere has captured the hearts of many ladies over the years with his charming looks. The 71-year-old star has passed it on to his son, Homer James Jigme. The 20-year-old born to Gere and his second wife, Carey Lowell in 2000 has clearly got his father's genes. 

According to The Loppy, Homer stays in New York. He likes to keep a low profile. The young man has made a couple of appearances with his father and mother throughout his childhood.


Gere married Lowell in 2002. He was previously married to supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1995. Though he was reluctant to have kids in the past, Gere was open to having children after meeting Lowell.

“It was actually quite simple. I never had an issue about children one way or the other. With Carey, she had a child from a previous marriage, and it was just a natural thing, caring for this child, having our own child. It was totally spontaneous and right,” said the actor to The Guardian.


However, after a decade of being together the couple parted ways in 2013. According to Page Six, the couple split because of their varied lifestyle preferences. Lowell wanted to party while Gere, a devoted Buddhist was in favor of meditation. Their divorce became a nasty legal battle that lasted for four years, according to News.amomama.

Gere eventually went on to meet his third wife, Alejandra Silva in 2014. Gere, a hardcore romantic got his first date with Silva only after he sent flowers to woo her. Eventually, Silva fell in love with Gere. Though she was 33 years younger than the actor, it never became a problem in their relationship.


Speaking of the actor, Silva stated, "He is the most humble, sensitive, affectionate, attentive, funny, generous man that I’ve ever met. What can I say? I’m so in love! How would you feel if each morning you were asked: ‘What would make you happy today?’ Not a day goes by that he doesn’t mention how important I am to him. I feel very lucky," according to Closer Weekly

The pair got married in 2018 and Silva referred to their union as a fairytale. "Without a doubt, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world," said the 37-year-old, according to Hello Magazine. Sources close to the couple also stated they were excited to be together officially. "They're so comfortable with each other, have fun together, and are looking forward to their future together."


Shortly after, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. Silva posted a picture of the couple along with Dalai Lama. “A very special moment just a few minutes ago... Getting blessings for our precious to come. We couldn’t announce it before telling HH Dalai Lama," she captioned the picture. The couple welcomed their son Alexander and they were thrilled. 

Silva and Gere continued to share a deep bond. “I was a little lost, without light, and knowing him gave meaning to my life. It was feeling that someone was reaching out and showing me my true path," said Silva, according to Closer Weekly.


Gere, too, gushed over his wife and credited her for making him happy. “I’m the happiest man in the universe. How could I not be? I’m married to a beautiful woman who is smart, sensitive, committed to helping people, who’s fun, patient, who knows how to forgive, who’s a great cook — and who makes the best salads in the world!”

Recently, the couple welcomed their second child. With children and a lovely wife by his side, Gere stated he "has been much happier in this half of his life because he is settled, confident and doing what he likes," according to People