'Selfish' Sister Makes Brother Miss His Child's Birth By Deleting Calls From Wife In Labor

'Selfish' Sister Makes Brother Miss His Child's Birth By Deleting Calls From Wife In Labor

Not only did the woman delete the wife's calls after putting the phone on 'Do Not Disturb'. She went on to erase his notifications as well.

The birth of one's child is a very special moment and it is only understandable that a father would want to be there to witness it. A man ended up missing his daughter's birth because of his 'selfish' sister who purposely deleted calls from his wife who was in labour. Apart from having to live with the fact that he not only missed his daughter's birth but also wasn't next to his wife as she gave birth, he has to deal with his family who thinks he is being ridiculous for being mad at his sister. The man took to Reddit to ask users if he was actually overreacting and if cutting ties with his sister was a wrong move.

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Talking about the incident, the man wrote, "frankly I don’t know if I’m being an asshole. Family seems to think I am so just want to know what others here think. My sister (25f) was going to meet her dad (not my dad by the way) for the first time in almost 18/19 yrs and she was really nervous. She asked me to go with her for support. He was staying at some hotel about 30 mins away and the whole ride over there, my sister had my phone to give me directions. My wife was calling me because she’d gone into labor. Then my MIL was calling me too. My sister put my phone on do not disturb without me knowing and erased the notifications."

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He continues, "I didn’t even realize it until after we were leaving from having lunch with him an hour and a half later that she’d been calling me. All my sister told me was I had a missed call (more like dozens). When I found out I was yelling at her the whole ride to the hospital. She apologized many times. Her only excuse was this was a big emotional moment for her meeting her dad and she was scared doing it alone knowing how her anxiety is. This was the only time they’d have to see each since he was leaving in a few days and wouldn’t be back for months. I really couldn’t believe it. By the time we got there, my daughter had already been born a half hour. Don’t get me wrong I was so happy to know my daughter and wife were okay but I was also devastated to have missed the birth of my first child. Couldn’t look at my sister, all I told her was to get an Uber to take her home because I didn’t want her near me right now."

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Time passed but the user was unable to forgive his sister. His family on the other hand just couldn't understand why he was so hurt and bitter about the incident. He wrote, "My daughter is almost 4 weeks old and almost everyone (vaccinated) has come to see her. Last weekend my parents came over with my sister in the car but I said I don’t want her in my home right now. They got mad and left early. I keep hearing it from my family that I’m being completely unfair treating my sister like an outcast by not letting her in my home. But I’m just still angry at her right now and don’t think I have it in me to be in her presence." The man then asked users if he was the a**hole in the situation.  

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Users were quick to defend him and show their support. A user wrote, "NTA, she knew exactly what she was doing. She made you miss something once in a lifetime, and I can't imagine how important that must've been for you. And the fact she did it to go see her deadbeat father. That's tragic and ironic. And your parents can't even see it your way a little it seems. You have every right to be furious." Another gave the man some advice, "OP needs to take this as a massive wake up call. OP wanted to prioritize his wife (as he should). Sister went through great lengths to deprive him of that choice. Then the parents are backing up the sister. His whole family has made it clear they will irrevocably harm and get between his marriage if they want. OP you need to draw the battle lines now and stick to them." A third commented, "our wife is an even bigger victim in this than you are. She had to give birth for the first time without the support of her husband. Presumably without any family there at all. Your sister did you and your wife both dirty. Beyond selfish on her part."