Sharon Stone Asks For Prayers For 11-Month-Old Nephew In A Coma: "We Need A Miracle"

Sharon Stone Asks For Prayers For 11-Month-Old Nephew In A Coma: "We Need A Miracle"

The actress took to Instagram to explain that the toddler had suffered a total organ failure while asleep in his crib.

Sharon Stone took to Instagram to share distressing news about her nephew, River Stone. The 11-month old, who is also Stone's godson, has been hospitalized in a serious condition. "My nephew and godson River Stone was found in his crib w[ith] total organ failure today," she explained in the caption of the Instagram post. "Please pray for him. We need a miracle." The picture she shared of the toddler showed him attached to numerous medical equipment and wires surrounding his small body. River is the son of Stone's brother, Patrick, and his wife, Tasha, as per TODAY.


Prayers for the little baby came pouring in. Celebrities and fans alike left messages of concern and support for the Basic Instinct actor. "Sending light and healing love," actor Kate Hudson wrote in the comments. Hudson's mother and actress Goldie Hawn shared: "My sweetheart of course! All my love" and added, "This hurts so bad. River is in my heart and prayers." "Praying for River and your whole family," model and actress Ruby Rose stated. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay wrote, "Holding you and your family in prayer." Musician Chantelle Delaney said, "Oh Sharon. River, sending you so much love and strength beautiful boy. So much love to you all."



Stone did not provide further clarification about the condition of her nephew. She is currently in Venice, Italy. Following the post about her nephew, Stone went on to share updates from her time in Venice and has not addressed the medical emergency further. On the other hand, Tasha took to Facebook to share news about her son. According to the Daily Mail, she revealed that her son was in a coma and had been airlifted to Children’s UPMC in Pittsburgh.

In the post, she wrote: "This is the HARDEST thing I have ever had to post but I am BEGGING everyone and anyone who prays please pray HARD for River. Every single second of this is literally killing me. I just want my sweet sweet boy back." She went on to say, "The doctor said if he does pull through he will never be the same. Please I am begging for prayers that my baby can be healed and come back with his family who loves him so very much. I am beyond heartbroken." Unfortunately, this is not the first medical emergency that the family has had to go through in recent times.


Stone's younger sister Kelly, who has lupus, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and hospitalized last year. She has since recovered but post-COVID complications persist. She recalled her time at the hospital, said that she struggled to breathe, and pleaded with fans to take the pandemic seriously. Her husband, Bruce, also contracted the virus and has also recovered. Stone also announced that she lost her grandmother and godmother from complications associated with the virus. River's birth was a ray of light for the family during those dark times.



Stone had shared the happy news of her nephew's birth in September 2020 and announced it on social media. "Look who’s going home: River William Stone, my brother Patrick and his wife Tasha’s new baby," she had written in the caption of the Instagram post, introducing the newborn in a car seat. The baby has since made many appearances on Stone's social media. Earlier this year, she once again took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of River in a fluffy robe and introduced him as her godson. It is still unclear if she will be coming back from Venice soon to be with the baby.