5 Signs That There Is No Love Left In Your Relationship | You Only Live In It Out Of Fear

5 Signs That There Is No Love Left In Your Relationship | You Only Live In It Out Of Fear

A relationship based on fear will never allow you to be yourself. It will only hinder your chances to find real love.

It is usually love that brings two people together and motivates them to establish a relationship with each other. Not only do they immense affection for each other, but they also trust one another and feel comfortable sharing their joys and sadness with each other.

But in some cases, love is more or less absent. The relationship may be based on your fears that might have been triggered by your past experiences.

So, you suppress your emotions and your true self in front of your partner. Such relationships are unhealthy. Here are 5 things that say you are stuck in a relationship based out of fear.

1. You are just settling

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You do not love your partner truly nor do you consider them the love of your life. Many times, you know that you are irritated by their actions but you do not want to take any chances by addressing it.

You fear that it would come in the way of what you have with your partner and feel like it will disrupt your only chance to be with someone. Your only aim is to create a family and so you are fine settling for someone, who you don't connect with.

2. You are jealous easily

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According to Bustle, fear can lead to jealousy and insecurities. You are paranoid about losing your partner so much that you spy on their texts, calls, and even check their location from time to time.

Your jealousy is so toxic that you go to the extent of stopping them from having conversations with people of the opposite sex. Your jealousy is the result of being cheated by your former partner but you should remember that your fear might be damaging a relationship with a potential future.

3. You cannot be yourself 

Your fear comes in the way of being true to yourself. Additionally, you might be scared of being judged by your partner. Though you know you are cheating yourself by being with someone you cannot be open with, you are afraid of losing your relationship.

In such cases, "you may change aspects of your own personality or appearance in order to avoid retribution or judgment from your partner," said Julie Williamson, licensed professional counselor, according to Bustle.

By acting like someone else, you are not gaining any true happiness. Moreover, you are missing out on finding your true love, who might be waiting for you elsewhere. 

4. You are quick to lash out 

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Your fears are taking a toll on you mentally and emotionally. Spending most of the time worrying about the future of your relationship and thinking of ways to make it seem like a happy ending, you are stressed.

This stress comes out in the form of anger. When your partner expresses any concerns about your relationship, you find yourself offended and arguing without reason. Additionally, you are just frustrated and irritated. These kinds of responses will damage your relationship even if your partner loved you.  

"When your relationship is derived from a place of fear, you can’t approach problems with a level-head. The fear of losing the other partner will become the guiding force in your relationship," said Chelsea Connors, a therapist, and a certified Life Coach, according to Bustle. 

5. You depend on them for your happiness

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You are lonely and unhappy with yourself and so you have to depend on your partner for your joy. More than love, it is that fear that keeps you hanging in that relationship.

You cannot imagine leaving your partner and moving on just because you do not have the confidence of finding someone special. You have just given up. Without your partner, you are just empty. You feel you can never smile without them in your life, according to Goalcast