7 Signs Your Marriage Will Survive The Hardest Times Despite The Differences And You'll Grow Old Together

7 Signs Your Marriage Will Survive The Hardest Times Despite The Differences And You'll Grow Old Together

You both listen without judgment and disgree without being disrespectul. It's what got you through so long and will continue taking you both forward

Every relationship hits a crossroads where you begin to question if they're the right one for you, or maybe even wonder if you wasted the last few years of your life on someone who didnt deserve your time. There will be moments in your relationship that force you to put things into perspective, and make you wonder if you two are really meant to spend the rest of your lives together.

While you may think that there's no way of being sure whether your bond will stand the test of time, there could be little indicators in the relationship that show how you're meant to stay together and are likely to have your happily ever after by each other's side.

1. You listen to each other without disregarding each other's feelings

When your partner listens to you, not out of compulsion but because they truly care about how you feel, it shows how much you matter to them. When you both listen to each other without interrupting or zoning out, it could show how you both are concerned about each other and are willing to meet each other halfway.

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2. There is no judgement in the relationship

You both know each other in and out, and there's nothing that you both have ever felt the need to hide from each other. There's a level of comfort you feel with them that can only be matched by your family, and this can only happen if there's zero judgment in the relationship. When you both can share your deepest secrets and innermost feelings, no matter how difficult it must be, you both have found a loving companion in each other who can stick by you for the long haul. 

3. You don't always agree with them but you still respect them

It's highly unlikely that two adults in any relationship always agree. it's natural to have two different opinions, but even when you and your partner disagree, you both do it without disrespecting each other. You are willing to find a solution where both your opinions are balanced without manipulating or coercing the other into agreeing on something.

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4. You both know what it means to feel lonely and misunderstood

Both of you have had your own individual pasts before you met each other. Those previous failed relationships, the misunderstandings you've had with others, the loneliness you have felt before, those are the very things that led you and your partner to finding each other. And the lessons you learned from them have shown you how to be more accepting of each other's differences, even though there are times it may take some patience and understanding.

5. You know for a fact that you can count on each other

The old spark that your partner and you had at the beginning of the relationship may have slowly faded away. But with time, you will realize that it has been replaced with a more mature, committed, and evolved kind of love. You have always had each other's backs and no matter how difficult it is, you still count on your partner because you know they will be there for you.

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6. You're willing to change for each other without losing your identity

One of the things you've learned in the relationship is the importance of compromising so that your partner and you have your own space in the relationship. Sometimes, it's hard to see eye to eye, but you give each other time and make things work. Neither of you forces the other into things that you're not comfortable with.

7. You have been through worse and you can get through this, too

Your partner and you have seen bad days and then you've seen days that are worse. But you both still made it through, by each other's side. It's made you both tougher, stronger, and better equipped to deal with your problems. And with time, patience, and love with no conditions, you can get through everything that the future throws at you.

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