5 Signs Your Loving Partner May Be A Controlling Manipulator

5 Signs Your Loving Partner May Be A Controlling Manipulator

Your partner might be saying they love you every day but as you look deeper, you will realize their love is not real.

When you love someone with all your heart, you trust them no matter what they say. You believe in the decisions they make and think it is for the future of you and your relationship. However, many a time, your partner whom you think is the epitome of love might be manipulating you. But realizing this may take a while. Here are a few signs that will help you recognize that toxic partner of yours:

1. They never answer your questions directly

Every time you have a concern and want to discuss things, your manipulative partner seems to trick you. Your questions are never given a direct answer but it is always diverted to another issue. Your partner's explanation often leaves you in the dark with more questions. However, they never seem to care about your concern. 

2. They make you feel you don't deserve to be their partner

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You are a person who wants to address the problems in the relationship but at the end of every argument, your partner makes you feel like you are the source of the issue. You blame yourself for everything and feel sorry for your partner who points all their fingers at you. You start to believe you are the wrong one in the relationship. 

3. They make you apologize even when they hurt you

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Whenever your partner hurts you with their actions, you point it out. But at the end of the conversation, you are the one who is apologizing. In the back of your mind, you know you are right but your partner plays with your emotions. They manipulate you and make you feel sorry for them than yourself. 

4. They make you believe you want what they want 

You make compromises in your relationship and that is perfectly alright. But, your partner makes you feel your wants are common while you clearly want something else. Starting from simple day to day things to major life decisions, your partner always finds a way to meet his wants. Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep your partner happy, you nod your head and make compromises always. 

5. They use their insecurities as an excuse

They use their insecurities to gain your sympathy. When you raise problems in the relationship, they talk to you of being cheated in the past or having gone through a troubled relationship. They make you feel guilty for bringing back their painful memories. This guilt trip eventually ends up in you falling for their bizarre excuses. They exploit your emotional and empathetic side.

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