Sister Threatens To Object To Wedding If Bride Won't Let Her Breastfeed At Altar

Sister Threatens To Object To Wedding If Bride Won't Let Her Breastfeed At Altar

The sister also 'joked' that she would call the bride a bad aunt in her wedding speech or will get her other kids to "object" the wedding

It is only expected that a Bride would have her own plans for her special day but Reddit user Pasta_on_my_laptop's sister seems to be more interested in getting things done her way. The worried bride took to Reddit to ask for advice after her pregnant sister passively threatened to create a scene at her wedding if she doesn't let her carry her newborn throughout, despite the fact that her husband will be attending as well and will be able to hold the baby. 

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The bride wrote, "I (21f) am getting married at the end of July 2021. My sister (29f) is my matron of honour and she currently pregnant with her fourth child. Her due date is a few weeks before my wedding and I could not be more excited to meet my new nephew. However, she has been making some comments that are a bit worrying to me.
She has repeatedly told me that she is going to hold her new baby as she walks down the aisle, regardless of my thoughts (despite the fact that her husband will be at the wedding and able to hold the baby). She plans to hold her baby during the ceremony and even feed him if she needs to. This is not a long catholic wedding ceremony. Just a regular ol cutesy outdoor wedding. Probably 20 minutes long. I told her she should feel welcome to have her new little baby with her during the day while we are getting ready, but when it comes to walking down the aisle, I would not like her to be holding the baby. The baby could cry, poop, need to eat, etc. etc. She has insisted that she will be holding her baby during the wedding - otherwise she will not be in the wedding." 

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The passive threats don't stop there. "In addition to the baby-holding dilemma, she has jokingly told me that she will call me a bad aunt in her wedding speech. Or she will get her other kids to "object" in the middle of my wedding. I think she is trying to be funny, but all of these comments are frustrating and hurting my feelings," she added before asking, "AITA for telling my sister she can't hold her baby during my wedding?". 

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Users were quick to show their sympathy for the bride and suggested that she should consider removing her sister from the plan altogether. "NTA. You should probably remove her from the wedding party if not the whole wedding because it sounds like she plans to make your day about her in one way or another," a user wrote, while another said, "Given her threats about the speech and objecting to the wedding, I’d disinvite her from everything. She and her kids can stay home." A third added, "Depending on the officiant, they may have to force the wedding to stop and take place another day. I absolutely would not f**k around with having anyone who threatens, even as an obvious joke, to object at a wedding."