Pregnant Mammas-To-Be Dance Their Way To Giving Birth With Some Incredible Moves

Pregnant Mammas-To-Be Dance Their Way To Giving Birth With Some Incredible Moves

Who said being pregnant meant lying around in bed most of the time? These (very) pregnant mothers will show you how it's done!

Courtney Platt, who was about to become a mom for the very first time, was at the hospital, waiting to be induced before she could finally hold her very own baby in her arms. And right alongside her was her husband, Jonah Platt. She didn't want the pregnancy nerves to get to her. But instead of laying around and waiting all day and letting the anxiety consume her, she decided to show off her dance moves with a baby in her belly. Jonah joined the fun and joined the groove, too. She uploaded the video on Facebook saying, "Jonah Platt and I were told this “inducing” thing could take a while..."

So, of course, a pregnant celebratory dance was called for!


"Courtney was searching the internet for birth videos, trying to get herself prepared for what to expect," Jonah told Good Morning America. "She came across some amazing videos of women dancing in the hospital and, as a professional dancer herself, loved that exuberant way to approach what can be a very nerve-wracking experience, and so we figured we'd have a little fun ourselves!"

Alicia Exantus, who also became a mom a few months back, added the "Baby Mama Dance" to her 30-hour-long labor. Alicia busted her move in the hospital hallway and was joined by her husband and even the nurses. "I would definitely say it set the tone for my labor," Alicia told Inside Edition. "We were so excited. We love to dance. We always love to have fun."


Giving birth is most certainly a huge moment in someone's lives. But forgetting about how scary it is can help soon-to-be-parents to see the joyous side to it. Jonah, who became a father to a 7 lbs, 7 oz baby some 27 hours after their dance, also added, "Delivering a baby can be such a scary experience. I think maybe seeing us approach this moment as a joyous celebration is something people enjoy seeing and helps remind everyone that despite the seriousness of the medical procedures at hand, birth is a miraculous thing to behold. It's always good to approach life's big moments with some levity."

Dancing those nerves off can be such a great way to push through the fear and focus on the joy of what's coming. After she gave birth, Courtney posted on Facebook and wrote, "And then there was you my sweet boy and I will never be the same 💙 In an instant our lives changed for forever, you made us a family. I love you now more than ever Jonah Platt I’m so in awe of you as I watch you so naturally be a father. Joey and I are so lucky. Our little gift from God 💛 Joseph Michael Platt born 3/15 at 11:21 pm 7lbs 7oz 21 inches."


Still skeptical about dancing and moving while being pregnant? Here's some more inspiration from singer and entertainer, Ciara, who danced and leaped onto couches while she was pregnant. Pregnant or not-pregnant, there's nothing stopping her from looking radiant and dropping some moves when she feels like it.