Sylvester Stallone Hit "Rock Bottom" After He Cheated On His Faithful Wife | He Begged Her To Take Him Back

Sylvester Stallone Hit "Rock Bottom" After He Cheated On His Faithful Wife | He Begged Her To Take Him Back

"I thought that success meant freedom from all responsibility, freedom from all fears.."

Betrayal often damages relationships. Though you might have tried to make things rights, trust once broken is hard to regain. Sylvester Stallone's personal life had a lot of ups and downs. Stallone was accused of cheating many times. When he was married to his first wife, Sasha Czack, the actor had an affair with singer Susan Anton. Though he begged and went back to his wife, their marriage fell apart.


According to Rolling Stones, the Rambo actor's marriage was doomed. He partied hard and went on to live a life forgetting about his wife and his sons. While Stallone enjoyed his life, Czack was home looking after their autistic son. She even gave up her career to focus on their kids, according to Amo Mama.

Stallone was so blinded by his success and fame that it took him a while to realize his life was heading in the wrong direction. He left his house and followed Anton to Las Vegas. They started dating in October 1979. He helped her with her nightclub act and continued his affair. 

Speaking of what motivated him to leave his wife and responsibilities, the actor stated, "Heaven! I really was. I was looking for heaven on earth. Nirvana. I was looking for what some individuals experience on NDE, near-death experience. You know how you leave your body and float and everything seems so wonderful? I thought that success meant freedom from all responsibility, freedom from all fears and that you could basically float through life with people patting you on the back saying, ‘Thank you. Thank you and keep up the good work.’"


But five months after living with his newfound love, Stallone broke up with Anton. He felt he was wrong and started missing his wife and kids. Immersed in guilt, Stallone began questioning the choices he made. "I said, ‘What … is … the … mystery, man? What is it that success brings? Am I blowing it? Am I going in the wrong direction? Does it mean wearing white suits all the time? Having caviar? What the fuck is success all about?‘"

He decided to go back to Czack. However, Czack was not ready to reconcile immediately. She wanted him to figure out what he really wanted from life. Moreover, she was afraid that he would leave her again. "She knew that if I came back at that time that eventually I would leave again. In other words, there were too many loose ends. Go out and solve the mystery," stated the actor, according to Rolling Stones.


Saddened by his wife's decision, Stallone had no option but to sneak over the backyard fence to see his kids. But that did not sit well with Czack. She was furious. She kicked him out. Feeling helpless, Stallone went to Budapest to shoot a film. But the actor could not keep his mind away from thinking about his family. He was heartbroken.

"I felt that it was over. I was finished. This was it. This film would probably be my last. I just didn’t care anymore. The fame game had gotten to me. I had lost. I had hit basically emotional rock bottom. It was over. No more tie ball game. The finale. I didn’t care anymore, period," said Stallone, according to Rolling Stones.


He decided that he would try talking to Czack again. He called her and begged her to come to Budapest. He apologized to her and told her that he got lost in the world of fame. Finally, Czack decided to give him another chance. However, their marriage fell apart.

After 11 years of marriage, the couple decided to part ways. Their divorce was finalized on 14 February 1985. Eventually, Stallone corrected his mistakes and went ahead to have a family with Jennifer Flavin.