Ted Danson Took A Break From His Career Just To Take Care Of His Paralyzed Wife | "It Was Love At First Sight" Afterall

Ted Danson Took A Break From His Career Just To Take Care Of His Paralyzed Wife | "It Was Love At First Sight" Afterall

Casey Coates suffered a stroke during childbirth and was left paralyzed on her left side.

Every relationship goes through rough patches. Those are the times that will help us understand if our partner truly cares for us or not. Ted Danson and his second wife Casey Coates went through such a phase pretty soon after their marriage. While the situation was hard to handle, Danson stepped up. 

Danson met Coates after his first marriage fell apart. They were head over heels for each other and, Danson knew he wanted to be with Coates. According to Closer Weekly, the couple tied the knot in 1977. At the time, Danson said, "It was love at first sight," alluding to his initial interaction with Coates. Their marriage was perfect but fate wasn't on their side as Coates suffered from a stroke during childbirth just two years after their marriage. 



Coates who gave birth to their daughter Alexis Danson was left paralyzed. Danson was devastated but the Cheers actor knew the only thing he could do at the time was to be there for his wife and their newborn child. So Danson took a break from his career and decided to give all his attention to his dear wife.

The situation was tough and Danson did everything he could to ensure that his wife felt cared for. "It was horrifying. But after you get over the shock, you roll up your sleeves and work at getting things better," said the actor, according to Closer Weekly



Coates learned to walk again with Danson's help. But she did not want Danson to stick around and go through the affliction. She asked her husband to walk away. “For the first month, I did nothing but cry. I gave Ted permission to leave me. I thought I was going to be a wipeout the rest of my life," said Coates, according to the publication. 

However, Danson did not choose to leave. “I would have looked to Casey to do it had the situation been different,” said Danson. Slowly, Coates started to recover and the couple adopted a second daughter. 



Though they came out of the ordeal together, the tragedy had already created other problems between them. Looking back at the issues that crept into their relationship, Danson said, “a huge rift between us — a massive lack of trust. We were adjusting to the fact that we weren’t the same people we were before it happened.”

Adding to the trust issues, Danson developed an affair with Whoopi Goldberg which made matters worse with Coates. It profoundly affected their already broken relationship and the couple was forced to part ways. Their 16-year marriage ended in a $30 million divorce.



Though Danson tried to continue his relationship with Goldberg, it did not materialize into a marriage. However, years later he married Mary Steenburgen. She changed his life and they've been together ever since.