Cruel Teens Push 74YO Into Water Laughing At His Helplessness, Leave Him Traumatised And Bloodied

Cruel Teens Push 74YO Into Water Laughing At His Helplessness, Leave Him Traumatised And Bloodied

The elderly man was rescued by two girls. Police is searching for the boys responsible for the incident.

In a horrific incident from England, one helpless pensioner was pushed into a water body by a group of ruthless youngsters.

According to Cheshire Live, a 74-year-old man was pushed into River Mersey, a  famous waterway in Warrington in Cheshire by a group of two or three guys. The police stated that the incident took place on April 25, 2021, between 2.30 p.m. and 3 p.m. while the man was busy fishing. The video of the incident showed that the man was kicked from behind by an individual dressed in a black gilet. 


Reportedly, the heartless boys fled the scene after laughing at the elderly man in the water. Fortunately, the elderly man was rescued by two young 14-year-old girls,  Chloe Woods and Ellie Hughes.

Recalling the incident, Chloe said, "We were walking past and we heard these people going, 'help, there's a man there', so me and Ellie quickly saw him and just dropped our stuff and went and quickly helped him and pulled him out of the river. He was in a bad state. He was hanging on to a branch, he had hold of my hand and he was saying 'can you help me?' I asked him if he wanted any help but he said no for an ambulance so we just helped him out and cleaned him up and all the blood off his face," according to ITV

The incident was later reported to the authorities by the family members of the elderly man. 


"This was a shocking and upsetting incident which has understandably left the gentleman shaken. He returned home freezing cold and had sustained a cut to his face due to banging his head as he fell into the water. We are determined to find those responsible and I am urging anyone who has any information or believes they know who did this to come forward. I also want to appeal to the two women who thankfully came to his rescue to please get in touch with us as you could have information which could help our investigation," said Sergeant Mark Spaven, of Warrington Local Policing Unit, according to the Daily Mail

The authorities also requested the public to help them find the boys responsible for the incident. Meanwhile, the cops have arrested a teenager. A  Cheshire Constabulary spokesperson stated, "A 15-year-old boy has today been arrested on suspicion of assault and possession with intent to supply cannabis. He is currently in police custody. Inquiries are ongoing to identify the remaining boys." 

While the investigation is still ongoing, the elderly man's family is grateful to the girls. 

"They literally saved him, held his head out of the water, and struggled to pull him out whilst his down jacket filled with water. It has been really hard for the family, to be honest, my father goes fishing almost daily along various rivers in Warrington and I fear it will stop him living his normal daily life now from fear," said Jacinta, the pensioner's daughter. 


She further stated that her father was traumatized by the incident. "He has been in real shock since and according to my brother been crying since.  He recounted the story to us and was in floods of tears saying how he thought he was going to die. At first, he didn't know what had happened, he thought he had had a heart attack and didn't know what was going on he'd gone in head first."

Additionally, the pensioner lost memorabilia, in the form of a silver dollar keyring in the river during his fall. "It's a really little thing but sadly, my dad never knew his father but had a silver dollar from him that he had made into a keyring. He has kept the all his life and it's the only thing he has that is a connection to him and he has lost it in the river."

The heroic girls, on the other hand, are happy they were there to help. However, they are shocked by the inhumane behavior of the people behind the incident. "When it happened I was very shocked and disgusted that people would go around doing that to people, an elderly man as well - it's not right," said Ellie.