The Queen Made It Extremely Clear Whose Side She's On As Harry Skips Her Birthday To Return To America

The Queen Made It Extremely Clear Whose Side She's On As Harry Skips Her Birthday To Return To America

He was faced with quite a few cold shoulders on his visit and it may take some time before bridges are mended.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle perhaps did not know about the kind of fall out their interview with Oprah would lead to or maybe they did and still went ahead with it. Either way, the royal family found itself divided and people were forced to pick sides. Prince Philip's death did bring an opportunity for the family to get back together and unite but a complete union did not happen.




As reported by Daily Mail, Prince Harry and William did take baby steps towards mending fences but the disappointment that the queen felt with Prince Harry has not yet subsided. She is on the side of Prince Charles and Williams on the matter and has been deeply disappointed by numerous aspects of the Oprah interview. The Daily Mail even quoted a source saying, "The Queen has made it clear to senior advisers that she is united with Charles and William, and was disappointed with aspects of Harry and Meghan's interview."




Furthermore, it was the Queen's 95th birthday and the first one in the last 73 years that she celebrated alone without her husband. Harry missed the birthday and had returned to America to be with his wife Meghan and son Archie. As reported by the Mirror, she does not even feel like being the peacemaker in the rift between family members anymore. "His (Harry's) grandmother will not be in the mood for it. She hates confrontation," royal biographer, Ingrid Seward, told The Times, according to the report.




"The children have much difficulty getting the Queen to discuss anything other than dogs or horses," Seward went on to say. "I remember Fergie telling me it took three weeks for them to try and get her to discuss their divorce. She kept saying 'Oh, I’ve got to take the dogs for a walk.'" It has, however, appeared that Kate Middleton may be playing a big role in trying to unite the brothers again.




She was observed talking to Prince Harry during the funeral as well and sources revealed that she has been trying hard to get the brothers talking again. The rift also exists between Prince Harry and his father Prince Charles following the same interview but it appears that it would take a lot of time for that relationship to be smooth again. According to the Mirror, a source was quoted as saying this about Kate Middleton: "Being so close to her own siblings, Pippa and James, and having witnessed first hand the special bond between William and Harry, she has found the whole situation difficult and upsetting. Her natural instinct is to try to smooth things over." Now, only time would tell how this rift gets resolved if it truly does.