7 Things People Say To Break The Strength Of A Woman

7 Things People Say To Break The Strength Of A Woman

Too sensitive, too emotional, and too uptight — they were all the words they told you to make you think you weren't good enough.

From the moment you were a little girl, people have always had something to say about how you should be. And you may have thought that would change as you got older. But for some reason, people always feel like they have a right to offer their opinion to you even when you don't ask for it. Most of the time, those words are disguised as humor or advice or words of wisdom. But really, they are subtle ways to hurt your confidence and make you feel weaker than you are.

Here are the 7 things toxic people say to break your strength.

1. "It was just a joke. Learn to loosen up a little."

You may have seen how people say some of the most hurtful things and then laugh it off as a joke. But when they say, "stop being so serious" or "learn to take a joke", you might think they're implying that you're uptight. But what those words really mean is stop standing up for yourself, stop having valid opinions, and stop being strong enough to say what you have to say. They can't stand seeing that you have something important to say for their "joke".

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2. "Don't do that. It's not ladylike."

You may have always been told that women are meant to be soft and polite all the time. But being kind to others doesn't mean you will let selfish people take advantage of you. You're nice and polite not because you're a woman but because you carry kindness in your heart. And the moment you start calling people out for their toxic ways or you start standing up for your needs in a relationship, they might say you're not being ladylike or you're crossing the line.

3. "You're being too sensitive."

For most of your life, you may have been told that you were too sensitive or over emotional. But what they fail to see is that there is actually strength in being able to stay in tune with your true feelings. You don't believe in hiding your sadness, anger, or fear. And you're not afraid to show it when you feel those. Yet, somehow people are convinced that it's the people who shut down and suppress their feelings who are strong.

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4. "You need to look your best all the time!"

All those times people told you that you're too fat, too thin, too ugly, or too pretty to be smart, those voices still echo inside your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror. And the people who spoke these words tried to convince you that you need to change yourself to be perfect. But you realized that the best way to shut those voices down is by being yourself. That's when you finally realized that being happy and comfortable in your skin is all that matters.

5. "Yes, you're talented, but you're being too ambitious"

If you ever told your partner or a friend or a family member that you really want to try something new or take a risk, and they told you that maybe you're being too ambitious, they robbed you of the chance to even try. You would have hoped that they at least encourage you to give it a shot. That's why now you don't care what other people say when you decide to take a risk; you know it doesn't matter if you fail, at least you listened to your gut feeling.

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6. "Here's some advice..."

The thing about advice is that a strong woman rarely asks for it. And yet, people always feel entitled to tell you their opinion and expect you to listen to them. But there came that point in your life where you finally decided that it's time to listen to yourself. You're done putting your life on hold because of what other people think. You're finally happy and moving on, while everyone else watches from the sidelines.

7. "You'd be happier if you had a man beside you."

The people around you, even some of your loved ones, may have told you that you need a husband or a partner in your life to be truly happy. But you have found happiness within yourself, irrespective of whether you're in or out of a relationship. You know that you're independent enough to take care of yourself, and your peace of mind isn't controlled by the man, or in fact, anyone else in your life.

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