4 Things You Can Do When You Feel Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted

4 Things You Can Do When You Feel Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted

Everyone wants their partner to acknowledge them in the relationship and appreciate them for what they do. But sometimes your hopes are not met.

When your partner loves you, they will make sure that they are treating you right, They will love and care for you as if there is no tomorrow and you feel blessed to be with them. But sometimes with time, your partner may forget the gem that you are and may take you for granted.

They might forget to appreciate your efforts, your sacrifice, and might act as if you were meant to be doing it for them anyway. In such a situation, it is important for you to step in and make them realize how they are making you feel.

Here are 4 things you must do if you feel you are being neglected and taken for granted by your partner: 

1. Express your concern 

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Communication is the core of a successful relationship. When you feel you are not being seen or heard when you need to be, let your partner know. Tell them that you feel you are not included and thought of by them as they should. Make them understand that you are hurt when they place you after everyone else in their life.

If your partner is a genuine person, who was not intentionally ignoring you, they will realize their mistakes when you have such a conversation with them. They will make sure that you are treated like the queen that you are.

In having this talk, you are also giving them the chance to put out any bitterness or emotions that might have impacted their attitude towards you.

According to licensed mental health counselor Monte Drenner, communication allows positive changes. "I witness positive change all the time, and when properly motivated, the change can be lasting," said Drenner, according to Bustle.

2. Always give them a chance 

When you see that you are being neglected, it is not easy. With time, the frustration builds up so much that you might even feel that your partner does not deserve a chance. However, instead of taking hasty decisions, it is important to voice the concern and then give them the chance to make a change.

It might not fall back to normalcy immediately, you need to be a little patient. But that does not mean that you wait for them to change forever. If you do not see a visible effort from their side, you need to step up and do what you think is right for you and the relationship. 

3. Take a step back 

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No matter what you do or tell, your partner continues to behave the way they do. They still treat you as an option without giving you the respect you deserve. On such occasions, make them know what they are doing by giving them the taste of their own medicine. Take a deliberate effort to keep a distance from them and start prioritizing your interests.

It does not mean that you are going to be rude to them but a small step back will help your partner feel the void. If they start to notice it, they will make the necessary changes if they truly care and love you. If you still see your partner acting as if nothing has changed, you are with the wrong person. According to Psychcentral, "Being ignored means the person doesn’t even care enough to waste the energy of anger on you."

4. Try couples counseling

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When you face trouble in your relationship, it is always better to consult a professional to help both of you understand each other's needs. Sometimes, you might be facing communication troubles or may not have been successful in addressing the issues properly. Therefore, involving a professional will help you move past those barriers.

If your partner is willing to do it with you and understand what is bothering you, that itself is a sign of improvement. This will help you and your partner understand the problematic areas in your relationship. And with your partner open to improvement, you can save the relationship from just falling apart.

"Any good couple’s therapist can help most couples improve their relationship in just a few sessions (although it may take more than a few, depending upon the seriousness of the problems)," according to Psychcentral.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.