6 August, 2020

Beirut Explosion Causes Massive Damage To Hospitals As Well, Leaving Patients Struggling | "There's Nothing Left"

Varsha B

George Floyd Said "I Can’t Breathe" More Than 20 Times In Last Moments But Officers Told Him To "Stop Yelling"

US Sees Horrific 4th Of July Weekend With At least SIX Children Killed In Gun Violence Across The Country

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Ex-Companion Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested | She Helped Him Exploit Dozens Of Minors

First Potentially Life-Saving Drug Found For COVID-19 Patients With Breathing Complications, Say Oxford Researchers

Grocery Stores In The US May Need To Ban Public To Protect Staff From Deadly Virus, According To Experts

Rupert Grint, Who Always Dreamt Of Being A Dad, Is Expecting First Child With Partner Georgia Groome


10 April, 2020

People Can See The Magnificent Himalayas From Their Homes More Than A 100 Miles Away For The First Time In 3 Decades

Staff Writer

More Than 300,000 People Recovered From The Deadly C-19 Across The World|Hear What Some Survivors Have To Say

Miss England Returns To Work As A Doctor Amid The Pandemic | She "Knew I Could Help" And Wanted to Come Home Immediately

Tiger At Bronx Zoo Tests Positive For The Virus, Maybe First Animal To Be Infected By A Human

Man Uses Hundreds Of Dollars He Saved Up To Buy Gas For Nurses | "I Just Love Them And I Want Them To Know That"

Bill Withers, Singer Of "Lean on Me", "Ain’t No Sunshine" Passes Away At 81

Number Of People Affected By The Pandemic Crosses 1 Million | US Is New Epicentre Of The Outbreak


30 March, 2020

Country Artist Joe Diffie, Of "Pickup Man" Fame, Dies From Coronavirus At 61

Varsha B

US Becomes Country With HIGHEST Number Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In The World, Surpassing China AND Italy

Huge 5.3 Intensity Earthquake Hits Country Under Coronavirus Lockdown Leaving People Exposed Out On The Streets

Carefree Spring Breakers Party In Crowded Beaches Amidst Coronavirus Warnings, Risking The Lives of Elderly

People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights To Instill Hope And Cheer Amidst The Coronavirus Fear

Differentiating Between Coronavirus & Common Cold — Things That You Should Know About COVID-19

Minutes After Birth, Newborn Becomes World's Youngest Person To Be Tested Positive For Coronavirus