16 July, 2019

Diver Stunned As Massive, Human-sized Jellyfish Swims Right Past Her: "It Was The Best Thing I've Ever Done"

Varsha B

Baby Boy Born At 7:11 PM On July 11 Weighs 7 pounds, 11 ounces

Video Shows Brave 11YO Saving His 2YO Baby Sister From A Collapsing Roof As Earthquake Shook California

Heartbroken Parents Prepare For 12-YO Dying Daughter's Funeral, But She Recovered Only To Say These 7 Words

Devoted Wife Dies Of Asbestos-Related Cancer After Washing Husband's Work Clothes For Decades

Parents Are Falling For A Disturbing New Trend Of Horribly Beating Up Their Children's Stuffed Animals

8-YO Emotionally Telling His Baby Sister "I’m So Proud Of You" At Her Pre-K Graduation Is Touching Beyond Words


28 June, 2019

World's First Medicinal Cannabis Inhaler Is Here And It Is Pocket-Sized To Boot!

Varsha B

Wedding Photographer Punches Groom In The Face After Realizing His Bride Is Just 15 Years Old

"Return My Virginity" Demands Wife After Husband Asks For Divorce Due To "Frequent Public Embarrassment"

Video Captures The Strong Bond Between Stepfathers & The Kids They Always Showed Up For. But There's A Surprise!

32-YO Athlete Succumbs To Rare Cancer After 10 Years Of Treatments While Racing To Success

You Can Now Buy A Life-Size Inflatable Speedboat, And It's Pretty Close To The Real Thing

Charcoal-based Underwear Pads Are Now Here To Save You From The Embarrassing Stinky Farts


11 June, 2019

107 Years After The Titanic Tragedy, A Look At Never Before Seen Photos Of 'The Ship Of Dreams'

Varsha B

Viral Photos Of Homeless Mother & Son Playing By The Road Shows "Happiness Is A Choice"

20,000 Bees Chase Old Lady's Car For 2 Days To Rescue Their Queen Trapped Inside

Women Across The World Are Sharing Images Of A Freckle They All Have In The EXACT Same Spot

7,500 Boots Displayed At Fort Bragg In Memory Of Fallen Service Members Killed Since 9/11

The Real Story Behind Jackie Kennedy's Bloodstained Pink Chanel Suit

Internet Sensation, Grumpy Cat Who Spread Smiles For Years Has Passed Away