UPS Driver Gets Showered With Baby Gifts After Leaving A Kind Message For A Family

UPS Driver Gets Showered With Baby Gifts After Leaving A Kind Message For A Family

The kind message of a UPS Driver for a Georgia couple lead him to get a permanent job and loads of presents for his newborn child.

The act of kindness of a UPS Driver led to a life-changing series of events for his family. Jessica Kitchel's Christmas miracle began as a simple holiday delivery and swiftly transformed into a Christmas miracle filled with warmth and love. Kitchel lives in Roswell, Georgia, along with her husband Mack, her daughter, Charlie and a newborn Chancy, according to WRBL. On a day when she believed she was expecting a few items, she checked her Nest door camera and discovered considerably more. Kitchel's camera captured the UPS driver saying, "If this is a ‘it’s a boy’ house, I hope all is going well with your newborn. I had a child at around the same time you guys did, I just hope everything is going good, God bless, and Happy Holidays." He delivered the packages and went away, unaware of the fact that it was going to be a life-altering moment.


Kitchel, 36, talked to The Washington Post, and described how those simple words of support meant so much to her at a time when she was feeling "isolated and sad" as she recovered "after having her baby through Caesarean section." She adds, “The moment that he said that was a time I needed to hear that encouragement at the most important time. I was blown away that he would take a second to end his day to leave that message for me to see how I was doing, it just blew me away.” 

Kitchel decided she wanted to thank the UPS driver for his warm gesture, so she placed a gesture of gratitude on her doorway in case he returned sooner. The search for the driver was quick and easy—thanks to social media. Kitchel finally found Dallan Harrell, a seasonal UPS carrier, and the sweet note he left behind touched near to home for him. Harell said, "For me, it was about bringing in a new life, it’s also a new experience and now you’re solely dependent for another individual, so with me being in the realm, I’m a parent now, I just wanted to check on them." 




Kitchel posted a new video of her meeting with Harell on social media, along with a link to Harrell's baby registries at Target and Buy Buy Baby. People from all around, primarily strangers, have come together to clear Harrell's register for his infant, leaving letters of encouragement and thankfulness. Kitchel says, "the experience has been an example of how kindness can multiply and change lives." Due to the immense support, Harell, a seasonal employee, was offered a permanent job as a driver by UPS along his route which he has accepted. Harell says, "When I left the comment at the doorbell, I didn’t even expect to hear from them, and so many blessings have followed behind."




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