6 Vows Every Strong Couple Makes To Deepen Their Connection As The Years Pass

6 Vows Every Strong Couple Makes To Deepen Their Connection As The Years Pass

Through the highs and inevitable lows of your relationship, the promises you make keep you both strong through it all.

They're not just words you say to someone when you feel like you're falling for them. And they're definitely more than words you say as you take each other as husband and wife. Vows are a powerful reflection of the strong commitment you and your partner give each other. And constantly reminding each other of your vows strengthens your bond no matter what stage your relationship is in. If you and your partner still tell each other these vows, you could be on your way to a relationship that stands the test of time.

1. "I'll be with you through every moment of joy and sorrow"

"For better or for worse" are not just words for both of you; it's a promise and it's one that you both want to keep for as long as you are together. When your partner is able to say this to you, it shows how they want to share every laughter and every tear shed with nobody else but you. It shows how you both will hold each other through the difficult times and push each other on to face your worst personal fears.

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2. "I never want to stop celebrating every bit of you"

You and your partner never fail to remind the other about everything you love about each other. It matters so much when everything you do in the relationship doesn't go unnoticed. "Appreciating someone makes them feel good about what they do, and that it makes a difference to their lives," wrote Founder & CEO of Marriage.com, Malini Bhatia in an article for HuffPost. "It makes them feel better about themselves, urging them to go on with new vigor, strengthening your relationship."

3. "I will be patient and understanding even when we disagree"

What keeps you both together through the years is the willingness to meet each other halfway. It's impossible for two people to always see eye-to-eye on every single matter but you both are open to listening to each other's feelings. You and your partner are neither frustrated nor resentful about taking a step back and listening to each other's opinions, and you are both willing to compromise and come to a conclusion that's comfortable for both of you.

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4. "I will always try and be better for you"

Every bit of you is perfect for your partner and they want to do the same for you. "They put you on a pedestal and they want to make sure that they are on the same level, which means that they feel the need to elevate themselves," dating and empowerment coach, Laurel House told Bustle. It shows how you and your partner respect each other's needs and are willing to try and adapt to them.

5. "I'll never let the tough times pull us apart"

There may be heartbreaking times when your trust in each other is put to the test. But when you look back at the promises you made each other, you are reminded of all the many reasons why you want to be together. You are reminded of the tough times that you both have been through and this time will be no different. Eventually, you pull through and prove to each other that your love is stronger than any problem that comes your way.

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6. "I vow to spend every single day of my life loving you"

When you look back at all the past years you've spent with each other, you are filled with warmth, thinking about all the love and happiness you've shared. And when you look at all the future years to come, you are excited and at peace, looking forward to growing old together. Because life may change and times may change, but what will never change is enjoying each other's love every single day.

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