The Way Your Partner Shows Their Love Reveals What They Appreciate Most About You

The Way Your Partner Shows Their Love Reveals What They Appreciate Most About You

While some may physically express their love, others may choose to do so by taking over your chores.

There are a countless number of ways for a partner to show you how much they love you. But the way your partner chooses to show their love reflects what they value the most in the relationship. It can point towards what they feel is important in a relationship and here's what it is.

1. They offer to help with your household chores as well

When your partner holds up their end of the relationship and shares the chores with you, it shows how much they value your comfort and are willing to take responsibility and give you comfort. They want to make life easier for you and don't mind the extra work around the house to take the load off you. You don't need to ask them, but they notice when you need a hand and willingly offer you that extra help because they simply love you that much.


"Sometimes a partner isn’t thinking about asking for help and when a partner offers, it can make a world of difference," said psychologist and sex therapist, Shannon Chavez, according to HuffPost. "It shows compassion and that you really care and are thinking about your partner’s wellbeing."

While it takes so much stress off you to know that you don't have to do everything by yourself, you might still long for your partner to physically and verbally express their affection. And there's no harm in making the first move or asking their partner to be more open and vocal about their feelings.

2. They patiently listen when you want something off your chest

When your partner knows that you're having a bad day, they will drop everything to be there for you and make things better, showing how much they value your happiness. "Each partner should feel comfortable speaking their thoughts and feelings to the other," psychologist Alexandra B. Grundleger, Ph.D., told Bustle.

Your partner shows you affection by working with you to create an open, safe space in the relationship where you both can share positive as well as negative emotions. Neither of you feels the need to hide your fears and vulnerabilities. You let each other in on everything going on in your life and in your minds.

While it's great to have someone who listens to you, you might also want more than a bit of advice, every now and then. Sometimes, your partner might fail to read what's left unsaid, therefore, it's best not to hesitate to ask for help when you need it so that your partner can push you closer to fulfilling your needs.

3. They get you gifts and all your favorite things

When your partner often buys you your favorite dessert, your favorite flowers, or your favorite singer's new album, it shows how they value paying attention to what you like. They know exactly what will put a smile on your face. Your partner might find it hard to verbally express their feelings for you, but they still want to make you feel loved by buying you what you like.


"Loving words or direct expressions can leave people feeling open, exposed, or vulnerable to being hurt," said Bette Alkazian, a Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist. "Giving gifts, doing a loving act, or simply being together feels safer and more protected to many people."

While nothing beats the joy of receiving a gift, material gifts alone won't cement your bond with each other. What matters is that your partner is also attentive to your emotional needs and getting you your favorite things is only one of the many ways they make you feel special.

4. They make you believe that all your goals are within your reach


When your partner makes room in the relationship for your hopes and dreams, it shows how much they believe in your dreams and not put your desires on the back-burner. Partners who respect and support those buried desires want them to happen," wrote Randi Gunther, a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, for Psychology Today. "They know that some of their relationship priorities may have to be rescheduled, and the resources to make that happen must be willingly reallocated."

While a supportive partner can make you feel like there's nothing in the world you can't do, what's also important is that they make you feel grounded. Rather than appeasing you all the time, sometimes, it's better to ask them for their harsh criticism, so that you know whether you're moving in the right direction. You should be able to count on your partner not just for encouragement, but also for them to be honest enough to tell you when it is and isn't worth trying. 

5. They hug you every single chance they get


When your partner is always finding ways to be physically close to you, they find it most important to give you that sense of safety and security. They are showing you how comfortable they are with you by hugging you, cuddling you, holding your hand when they're beside you, or pulling you into their arms when you least expect it.

It shows how they feel protective of you and love the feeling of being close to you. "Sharing physical touch is a major way many individuals communicate their love for other people," said certified counselor Jonathan Bennett. Their physical gestures could also be telling you what their lips might not always say, showing you how much they love you.

While a hug can make even the worst feelings melt away, some problems might need a bigger show of affection. When you need them to help out, take some chores off your hand, or simply go out with you on a much-needed date, don't refrain from voicing your needs and see what your partner thinks of it.