Wife Pawns Engagement Ring That Partner Gave Her, Without Informing And When Asked, Refuses To Say Why

Wife Pawns Engagement Ring That Partner Gave Her, Without Informing And When Asked, Refuses To Say Why

A wife just pawned her engagement ring leaving her partner hurt. The partner who is confused took to Reddit to know if they were right in getting upset.

Though love should be above anything materialistic, some things have certain importance or value in the relationship. For some couples, it may be the first gift they gave each other, for others it might be a photograph that brings back memories. Most couples tend to treasure these items just like the love they share. However, one woman pawned the engagement ring that symbolized her commitment to her partner. Her upset partner took to social media to address the issue.

A person with the user name 3R1CA-1837272 took to Reddit after they got upset by their wife's actions. The partner wrote, "I got engaged to my wife when we were 26, we had been dating for 7 years. I got her engagement ring engraved to say “Semper amemus” which means let us always love, I spent all my savings on her engagement ring and even took a loan out to buy it, it seems silly now but I love her and she deserves the best."

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The person went on to say that they got married when they were 30 and even have children together. "We got married at 30, adopted our first child at 32, second child at 35 and now we’re both 40," added the person. However, the wife's recent actions have caused some confusion and bitterness. The partner discovered that their wife pawned her engagement ring. "I recently found out she pawned her engagement ring for £1,200 ($1550). I spent over nine thousand on her ring," wrote the man. Though the person admitted their wife was not a jewelry person, her actions caused sorrow.

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"She’s telling me she’s got a bunch of pictures of it and she isn’t a jewelry person anyway which is true in all the years I’ve known her she’s only worn her crucifix and engagement/wedding ring, the wedding ring means everything to her but she doesn’t have any attachment to the engagement ring," said the partner. They added, "She thinks I’m an AH because it was her ring after all and it didn’t mean as much to her as it did to me." 

The partner then asked Reddit users for their thoughts on the issue. The users asked the partner to get the ring back from the pawnshop. However, the partner informed that they had to pay £3000 ($3860) to get the ring back. Others advised the person to know why the wife needed the money. "You’re 40 with two kids, and you keep your finances so completely separate that you don’t know why she needs $1200 so desperately? You didn’t ask, or she won’t tell you? You’re NTA for being upset, but you guys seriously need to communicate better," wrote one user. Some criticized the woman for pawning the ring without consulting her partner. 

"..she's still the asshole for selling the ring. If she is that desperate for money she should of (sic) asked her husband to borrow it. That she didn't come to him shows a lack of communication/trust. She's clearly keeping something from him," wrote another. Others thought the wife's actions were suspicious. 

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