Woman Fighting Cancer Hopes To "Die" After Her Selfish Husband Lusts On Other Women While She Is In Pain

Woman Fighting Cancer Hopes To "Die" After Her Selfish Husband Lusts On Other Women While She Is In Pain

The woman was diagnosed with cancer soon after her wedding. She found her husband commenting on other women through texts and social media.

We often look up to our partner for reassurance and confidence during our tough days. One woman thought she could do the same but was left disappointed by her husband who failed to understand how his actions were affecting her self-esteem.

The woman took to Reddit to talk about the inexplicable physical and mental pain she was undergoing. She began her story by saying that she got married to her husband four months ago after being together for four years. She then revealed that her marriage did not start on a great note as she was diagnosed with cancer a month before her wedding.

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The unwell woman was undergoing treatment and went on to explain how it took a toll on her confidence. The harsh treatments and radiations led to some physical changes and the woman struggled to love her body.

"I’m currently undergoing treatment, but it’s caused some pretty undesirable physical changes. Due to the nature of the treatments, I’m not allowed to work out, so I’m about 15 lbs heavier than I’d like to be (and usually allow myself to be, under normal non-cancer circumstances). I’ve tried hard to accept the changes and love my body for what it is at the moment, but it’s hard," wrote the woman on Reddit. 

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In addition to her personal struggle, she stated that her husband's recent actions were adding fuel to the fire. She found that her husband had begun to follow a public page on Facebook with explicit pictures of women. Feeling uncomfortable, she raised her concerns with her husband.

"About a month ago, my husband “liked” a Facebook page where strippers post pics. Since it’s a public page, the little “[Husband] likes Such-and-So” notification popped up on my news feed. It gutted me. But I told him calmly that it made me uncomfortable that he liked a page with half-naked women all over it, especially since our friends and family probably got the same notification in their news feeds, too," stated the woman on Reddit. 

Though her partner lost his temper initially, he eventually unfollowed the page. However, soon after she saw a text message between her husband and his best friend. They were talking about the wife of one of their mutual friends and her husband did not hesitate to comment on her sexual appeal. "In the message, my husband is talking about how nice her tits are and how she’s hot AF. (The wife posts titty pics on FB all the time, so to clarify, he saw a picture of them, not the real deal.)" wrote the woman.  Disturbed by his comments, she made her feelings known to her partner. This time he got furious and avoided it saying "it means nothing".

With her partner lusting on women, the woman suffering from cancer is heartbroken. "I’m so ashamed of the body I’m in right now, and the fact that my husband is lusting after women who DON’T have fucking cancer in their perfect, perky bodies is too much to bear," stated the woman. She continued, "A part of me hopes I die so he can just go on and get with someone who’s NOT dragging him down by being sick."

She further went on to add how she was trying hard to look her best. "I’ve tried hard to work with what I’ve got at the moment. I try to shower every day so I at least smell good. I try to put on some makeup and at least pretend that I don’t feel like the nastiest woman on the planet," said the woman on Reddit.

Though her husband tells her she is beautiful, the woman stated that his actions often makes her feel like giving up.  "My husband thinks I’m “punishing” him by crying. I’m trying not to. I’d love to pretend like I don’t care. I feel so betrayed. It hurts so bad. So bad," concluded the devastated woman.

Reddit users empathized with the woman and consoled her. One user wrote, "I am so so sorry you are going through this. Please know that none of it is your fault, and your husband's behavior is abhorrent."

Another user stated, "You're not dragging him down. He's dragging YOU down. Unfortunately, he's showing you his true colors when you're at your most vulnerable. I really hope you beat this, and I really hope you leave his ass as fast as you can." Others did not hesitate to call her husband "selfish" and "defensive". Many shared experiences from their own lives and told her that her husband was not treating her right.