Woman Gets Sued By Tinder date For ‘Not Hooking Up’

Woman Gets Sued By Tinder date For ‘Not Hooking Up’

Though it was "implied" that they would hookup after, the woman decided not to after she smelled an odour coming from him

Entitled people just can't take a no for an answer and this man just proved it. He tried to get back at this tinder date for not hooking up with him but it backfired after the woman revealed why she didn't. Let's just say he should be thankful that she didn't reveal his identity as it would have been the last time he would have gotten a date. 

Representational photo (Getty Images) / Photo by Luis Alvarez

The man, a law student, met Emily through Tinder. They decided to meet up and it was "implied" that they would hook up but she never said anything Verbatim. Emily, who goes by the username your.big.sis.emi on TikTok, explained in a video that she ultimately decided against anything physical once she smelled an odour coming from him. The man then proceeded to sue her for “breaking a verbal contract”. “Once he removed his undergarments … I smelled the smell and saw the sight. There were skid marks in his undies and he had not washed in a long time," she said. Emily revealed that ended up getting out of the lawsuit by confronting the man's father who is also a lawyer. 

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Emily's lawyer apparently told her that the man didn’t have much of a case for slander since nobody could “tell who he is.” “Also, is it slander if it’s true?” she quipped at the end of her video which garnered over 50K likes. Users were quick to express their disgust for "entitled Chad" in the comment section. "He clearly didn't pay attention in contracts class," one wrote, while another said, "I would've gone to court to let him try and explain that in his mind you weren't allowed to withdraw consent." A third suggested, "you should counter sue for emotional distress, mental scarring (what you had to see was disgusting) and trauma."