Heartbroken Bride-To-Be Forced To Plan Groom's Funeral On The Day They Were Supposed To Get Married

Heartbroken Bride-To-Be Forced To Plan Groom's Funeral On The Day They Were Supposed To Get Married

Hannah Merrick and Martins Kokins planned to spend the rest of their lives together, but fate took a cruel turn when Martins died of cancer a few days before the wedding. A grieving Hannah is now preparing for the funeral service to be held on their set wedding date.

When you finally meet The One you want to spend the rest of your life with, it's only natural to want to plan your future together. You can't help but think of all the beautiful moments you will share with each other, right from the big day you say "I do" to the family you will raise together. But things don't always go as planned. The story of Martins Kokins and his fiancee Hannah Merrick is an emotional one. The couple in love had planned to tie the knot but before they could do it, Hannah lost her dearest Martin to cancer. On the day of their planned wedding, Hannah will be attending the funeral of her groom.

According to Mirror Online, Hannah Merrick was all set to wed her partner Martins Kokins in July 2019. But days before the wedding, Hannah lost Martins to cancer and she is now preparing for the funeral service that will be organized on their scheduled wedding date at St Giles’ Church in Ludlow, Shropshire. “He fought so hard to live, he did his best. We had booked the date, so we will use it one way or another,” said Hannah to Mirror Online.



Martins was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016. After the treatment, he was told that his body was free of the illness. The man who was relieved took Hannah on her dream trip to New York and proposed to her. The couple set the date for 2020 and looked forward to their wedding day. However, cancer came back to Martin's life as a shook last year in May. Though he was in pain and was undergoing chemotherapy, he decided to take a trip with Hannah to Spain.


The couple who hoped to enjoy the summer in Spain was unable to do so as Martins fell desperately ill on the second day of their trip. The young man who was admitted to the hospital was diagnosed with more tumors. Martins who discharged himself to get back to the UK only returned home to find out that his cancer had turned terminal. The couple who was hard hit by the devastating news moved their wedding date hoping to enter wedlock sooner than decided.

Though Martin was weak and suffered intense physical pain, the 29-year-old was excited for his big day. The couple who had scheduled the wedding for July was swiftly doing the arrangements for the day. Hannah who was excited to unite with her partner also had a bachelorette party before their scheduled big day. But things did not turn out to be the way they expected it to. Martins left Hannah unannounced and unexpected.


As their wedding day approached, his health became worse. “In the last few weeks, he really deteriorated. On the day he died he was walking around. He was not OK by any means but his death was a shock. He was stubborn. He wouldn't give up without a fight and he was still fighting even on the morning that he died. He was up and walking around in the hospice so it was a shock that he went downhill so quickly," said Hannah to Mirror Online.

Till the day he died, Martins was optimistic about life and did not give up. “We enjoy just going for walks and just spending time together. Just doing something together makes things so much better. I don’t sit at home and sulk or cry about it. I want to live my life. I know it is short but I have done as much as possible, said Martins in May quoted mirror Online.


Martins who was quite popular in the area was loved by many. “At the end of the day, he is now at peace, he doesn’t have to fight anymore. It was not in his personality to give in and he fought to the end,” said Hannah to Mirror Online.

Hannah who is organizing the funeral for Martins has requested guests not to wear black to the service. She asked people to wear a suit to honor Martins who was known for the attire. Hannah also hopes to return Martins to Latvia so he can be laid to rest next to his father. Hannah who is in the middle of paper works is hoping to fly him to his native place.