Woman Records Lyft Driver Asking Details About Her Stay While 'Secretly' Writing Her Address Down

Woman Records Lyft Driver Asking Details About Her Stay While 'Secretly' Writing Her Address Down

The woman explained that she and her group of friends had to lie about having guy friends back at their Airbnb and vacating that night to ensure their safety

It all started when TikTok user @its_timmie and her group of friends got into a Lyft after their bachelorette party. The user noticed that they were being repeatedly questioned by their driver on details about their stay, like how long they are staying in their Airbnb etc. She quickly realised that it wasn't right and filmed the interaction. The TikToker uploaded the video onto the platform and further claimed on the text of the video that she caught the driver “secretly writing down” their address.

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The video went viral with many discussing women's safety. However, many things were still unclear. The poster made a follow-up video where she assured viewers that they "made it home safe” and gave some additional context. “We were in Nashville for a bachelorette party. … When we got in the Lyft, I noticed that he was writing down every single address that he was driving to on a notepad in the front seat, which I think is unnecessary. Why are you ever going to need my address in the future? That was the first red flag," she explained. She then spoke about how the group told the man lies to ensure their safety. Some of the lies included telling him about their guy friends and how they were checking out of their Airbnb that night. The user revealed how she got to know that the man was taking down their address. “Then he was like, stopping the car in the middle of the road to show us his phone, and that’s when I was able to confirm on the front seat that he did have our address,” she said. The TikToker also informed viewers that she called Lyft’s Critical Helpline and implied that Lyft cut ties with him, saying, “He won’t be driving again," reported the Daily Dot

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Other users lauded the woman's “quick thinking.” “Way to react so quickly, though!” one said, while another wrote, “I love how quickly you reacted. Thank you for sharing. This is perfect." A third added, “Why are people so scary. I’m sorry," while a fourth commented, "It is truly amazing how thought of this so quickly but it is actually so painful to think that a part of the reason is that our safety is always threatened. As a woman, I know how many times I have lied about having a male around to ensure nothing is done to me."